Eryngium aquaticum. Homeopathy

Eryngium aquaticum
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eryngium aquaticum
1 Depressed. Can not concentrate on any subject without a great effort.
GENERAL Eryngium aquaticum
2 - () mucous discharge, thick, yellowish.
3 Down: motion; by mental efforts. Better: heat.
SPECIFIC Eryngium aquaticum
Vertigo 4. Sense of expansion front, worse on stooping, with cloudy vision. Pain over left eye. Occipital headache. Sore scalp, worse hair.
5 - () Burning eyes, photophobia. Ailments from exposure to bright light: strabismus, esclerotitis, watery or purulent. Purulent conjunctivitis; eyelids stick. The eye muscles are stiff, with pain on eye movement.
6 Earache tearing. Inflammation of the eustachian tube. In the left ear hears creaking, songs and ringtones. Secretions thick, white,
bloody, offensive.
7 runny nose, thick, mucopurulent.
8 Throat red, sore, with profuse thick mucus secretion, whitish.
Nausea with belching or acres. Gastric emptying with drawing pains. Spitting blood clots dark red and burning, after a blow to the stomach. Burning in the stomach and esophagus. Colicos as stomach cramps. Pain in the left groin and testicle.
Constipation 10. Mucous diarrhea in children. Stool dark, leaden, dry and very hard, which appear fragmented when going through the anus, with tenesmus.
Hemorrhoids and anal prolapse.
11 - () Frequent desire to urinate, you must do every 5 minutes, day and night, and burns like fire. Cystitis. Urethral burning behind the glans when urinating.
Less urgency to urinate at night, constant, worse at night. Renal colic.
Congestion lumbar kidney with dull pain that runs down the ureters into the limbs. Nephritis. Irritable bladder for prostate hypertrophy or pressure of the uterus. Spasmodic stricture urethra. Urgency.
Dysuria; dripping urination. Pain behind the pubis.
12 - () Suppression of sexual desire, then excited with erotic dreams and pollution. Download easy prostatic fluid. Spermatorrhoea: by dwarfism in urine, with great fatigue and depression. Nocturnal emissions.
Spermatorrhoea without erections, day and night, after a blow to the testicles. Gonorrhea with painful erections.
13 Cash flow.
14 with dry cough chronic laryngitis. Cough with tightness in the chest.
Oppression with fullness, can not inhale deeply.
15 - () urinous smelling sweats at night.
16 Flu.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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