Esponjilla (vegetable sponge). Homeopathy

(Luffa Vegetable Sponge operculata)
Pathogenesis of J. R. Raeside (in 13 experiments).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis esponjilla
1 - () Confused, exhausted, nervous, unable to think or concentrate; great mental fatigue. Forgetful. Feeling of absence and stunning, no interest in the
studio, with apathy and drowsiness.
2 Depressed, sad, irritable, restless.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis esponjilla
3 - () Grand fatigue. "I never felt so tired in my life." Faints if this long standing.
4 - () Laterality left.
SPECIFIC esponjilla
5 - () Dull frontal headache, most left, worse in a warm room and morning, with sore eyes, dry, burning. Dull headache in the vertex, left, worse tomorrow or 23, with irritability, can not study, at 5 hours, with photophobia. Throbbing headache in the left temple. Cephalic fullness of tomorrow, with tired eyes, heaviness in the head. Vertigo by running. Lifeless hair.
6 - () dry eyes, burning, heavy, photophobia and blurred vision,
foggy. Left eye redness, pain, it feels enlarged, with dryness and discomfort, as if to get a stye. Bluish dark circles. Vision as flickering flames. You have trouble opening the eyes of tomorrow.
7 fullness and pain in left ear.
8 - () The main site of action of sponges is on the mucosa of the upper airways, especially in the nasal mucosa. Blocked nose, stuffy, with frequent sneezing. Coryza acute sinusitis and headache.
Nasal catarrh thick, white, worse on the left. Sore throat, nasal obstruction. Severe acute coryza, sometimes feverish, with flu-like pains in the limbs, dull headaches and lightheadedness. Acute and chronic sinusitis, frontal and maxillary (the drug produces an improvement in symptoms with mild nasal discharge). Allergic rhinitis and atrophic. Coryza hay. Ozena, Epistaxis.
9 Cara heated red hot and worse in the afternoon and evening, with red spots on face and neck. Intense pain in the left jaw joint, which awakens; worst chewing.
10 - () with bad taste Dry mouth and intense thirst. Mouth ulcers with foul tongue. Cracks in the lips and corners of the mouth. Pain at the root of the tongue, worse on the left, sore throat, worse when swallowing. Throat dry and inflamed. Pharyngitis. Chronic laryngitis.
11 - () Nausea with thirst. Fullness in the stomach and belly with hunger.
Gastralgia and heartburn, eating better. Flatulence, with loose stools and colic, with flatus. Morning diarrhea with nausea and cramping. Constipation with dull pains in the left abdomen. Pains in the liver, worse from laughing.
12 Urinary frequency, worse in cold days. Pain in the left kidney, with frequent urination.
13 Menses prolonged, delayed; profuse. Postmenstrual flow;
14 - () lancinating sharp pains in the chest and precordial, worse on inspiration and 17 to 19 hours, with palpitation. Asthma. Stabbing pains in neck and back. Severe low back pain, worse on stooping.
e 15 pains in the muscles of the limbs, worse in evening, with tiredness and heaviness, especially in the lower limbs, sore muscles and joints in the arms. Cramps in the calves, leg and left thigh while walking. Rigid legs and thighs. Sore right shoulder, worse from motion; left shoulder with pain on rising, extended his neck and back. Hands numb, left middle finger and stayed cold, burning at the tip of the fingers. Pain in the thumb, toe, knee and wrist on the left side. Hot and sweaty feet.
16 day sleep with fatigue, insomnia at night. Heat or night sweats that keep you awake. He wakes up at 2 or 3 am. Sleeplessness with sweat and urine.
17 Itching in the limbs, legs, skin dry and red.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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