Ethylicum (ethyl alcohol). Homeopathy

(Ethyl Alcohol)
Retrieved from Michel Guermonprez and Castueil.
1 - () Excitation euforica with logorrhea and ideas fleeting, temporary exaltation of the imagination and feelings loud laughter and joy. Communicate easily, but too familiarly, wants to demonstrate its strength, undertakes dangerous exploits. Grimaces, gestures (sign important in the child), cuteness. In dystrophic children with euphoria, gaiety, irresponsibility and lack of self-criticism.
2 - () Aggressiveness and irritability, with verbal violence, insults and rudeness.
Excitomotrices drives prone to strike, break or kill. Want to bite, tear with their teeth.
3 - () morbid jealousy (the most typical in ethyl delirium of interpretation).
Extreme sensitivity, very easily offended. It paranoid interpretations.
4 - () Tendency to be alone, turns away from his family and their relationships and find their usual drinking buddies.
5 - () weakening of moral values: loss of dignity, honesty, cleanliness, of duty towards his family, altruism, the
sense of savings. Total dependence on alcohol. Instability of employment,
by irresponsibility (does not meet schedules, or treatments or appointments), and loss of activity and productivity. Loss of modesty, exhibitions and sexual assault.
6 - () Loss of self-criticism: despite its decline, is pleased with himself. 0 or, conversely, there are feelings of guilt, decadence, with regret, sadness, melancholy.
7 - () decrease in mental faculties that can reach the confusion, coma or encephalopathy with progressive mental deficits and apathy.
Decreased memory: progressive anterograde amnesia, amnesia gaps with confabulation, amnesia with euphoria, false memories and recognition.
Disorientation in time seems shorter, chronological changes.
Dysarthria paste, incoherent speech.
8 - () Delusions diverse: megalomaniac; of interpretation, of jealousy, of self-incrimination; delirium tremens. Dementia. Hallucinations: zoopsia especially of small and aggressive animals, especially rats.
9 - () Fear of the night, longing for light.
G10 - () surface anesthesia and hypoesthesia to pain. Painful hyperesthesia in a apathetic. Dolores very alive to the pressure of the muscles and nerves. Sensitivomotrices polyneuritis, especially women, nocturnal paresthesias, cramps and lightning pains, especially in the lower limbs. Dysesthesias.
11 - () incoordination, gait hesitant, motor incoordination, ataxic type, clumsily. Tremors worse by fasting and abstinence in the morning, but in their hands at the tip of the tongue. Muscle hypotonia.
Hypertonia with positive Babinski; oppositional hypertonia.
12 - () Worse: Morning, night and dusk, after sleeping, for drinking, for the movement, from heat; fasting. Better: rest, by sleep, by cold.
13 Epilepsy with normal electroencephalogram, curable by the suppression of alcohol.
14 The wounds are slow to heal. Subedemas or edema. Obesity, or thinning of the thorax and upper limbs. Cachexia with yellow skin.
Tufaro heat.
Desire and aversion of ETHYLICUM
15 - () Craving for alcohol, abuse of alcoholic beverages and there is a progressive intolerance to alcohol. Aversion to meat.
16 - () Temporal arteries visible and sinuous (according Castueil; Guermonprez denied value to this symptom). Headache with nausea and morning phlegm, alcohol abuse.
17 - () Exophthalmos (large eye of the drinker) with subictericia conjunctival
dilatation of conjunctival vessels, glossy look of drunkenness or tender and tearful of chronic alcoholism. Diplopia. Alcoholicotabaquica retrobulbar neuritis. Fundus narrowed arteries, crosses,
bleeding, thrombosis, capillaritis and areas of vascular atrophy. Motor paralysis, ptosis, nystagmus.
18 - () Rhinophyma. Cuperosis. Acne hypertrophic nose. Face bloated and pale (think myxedema) or red violacea, with varicose veins on the cheeks and nose.
19 - () Tongue dry, trembling, with a grayish-white layer. Bad breath, or aromatic. Hyperemia, dilatation of veins and grains in the pharyngeal mucosa. Alveolar pyorrhea (of which alcohol would be the most common cause). Esophageal cancer, that almost only exists in alcoholics.
20 - () Heartburn. Anorexia. Morning phlegm: Filante regurgitation as liquid or egg white. Gastritis: swelling, sleepiness and heaviness, or crampoides pains, burning, better eating. Gastric ulcer. Heartburn and acid by alcoholic beverages. Hematemesis.
21 - () Liver very large or atrophied. Atrophic cirrhosis. Liver congestion.
Liver failure. Acute or chronic jaundice. Manes. Pancreatic insufficiency.
Panercatitis. Splenomegaly.
Constipation 22. Stool hard, girls, colors. More rarely,
2iarrea fetida with many gases. Hemorrhoids.
23 - () Male impotence.
24 Aggravation of tuberculosis and all Bronchopulmonary acute and chronic. Early collateral circulation at the base of the thorax.
25 Cardiomegaly of ethyl dyspnea, myocardial alcoholic, to rebel heart tonic, reducible to suspend alcohol. Complete arrhythmia.
26 - () Polyneuropathy: with shock toe in the obstacles (can not lift your toes, "steppage") anteroexternos paralysis of muscles of the leg, paresis of the calves and quadriceps, Achilles areflexia, More rarely patella. Trophic and vasomotor disturbances, in hair and nails; tendinous retractions. Sciatica. Landry's ascending paralysis. Varices.
27 - () Sleepiness: falls asleep all the time, when they talk, eat;
but at night not sleeping. Insomnia with agitation, with hypnagogic phase marked. Sounds a lot: with catastrophes, funeral rites, erotic jealousy with wild animals, with murderers. He wakes with moodiness, nausea, headache, aching, and all improved with a glass of your favorite drink.
28 profuse sweating.
29 parchment and dry skin. Yellow or brown spots on the body,
face and hands.
Lycopodium Nux Vomica. Guermonprez Ethylicum advised to give the 200th, where indicated, a dose approximately every 20 days.