Eucalyptus, Eupatorium: cannabinum, perfoliattum, Euphrasia, Euphorbia, Euphorbium. Homeopathy

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus)
Anti-flu drug. Pains in the limbs. Respiratory catarrh.
Diseases with ague. Antipyretic in flu and colds.
Aphonia with scratchy sensation in the throat.

Eupatorium cannabinum (carbine)
Toner. Diuretic. Intermittent fever. Influenza. Pyelitis. Cystitis. Adnexitis.

Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset)
Colds and flu states. Influenza with pains in the limbs
(tibialgias, especially). Cough with wrenching pain in chest and head.

Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright)

Cypress Spurge (spurge)
Nerve irritation and asthma

Euphorbium (Euphorbia resinifera)
Catarrh of mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis. Tubal catarrh of the ear.

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