Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Eucalyptus globulus
1 Joy, joy, desire to walk from one side to another exercise, with sense of animation and increased strength; excitement.
Drunkenness 2 followed by depression and exhaustion. Lightheadedness and drowsiness.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Eucalyptus globulus
3 stinging or burning sensations. Burning pains.
4 journalists marked the onset of symptoms.
SPECIFIC Eucalyptus globulus
P 5 Fullness cephalic. Headaches: nerve, congestive; in plethora, with fever in anemic. Dizziness sea.
6 Eyes hot, burning. Blennorrhagic and catarrhal ophthalmia. Heaviness
of the eyelids. Vision cloudy.
7 - () Chronic nasal catarrh, purulent, fetid. Watery coryza with obstruction. Frontal and ethmoid sinusitis.
8 Cara congested.
9 - () Canker. Sialorrhea. Pyorrhea.
10 Burning in the throat, fullness and soreness when swallowing. Constant sensation of having phlegm in the throat, with expectoration of white mucus, thick, frothy. Tonsils large and ulcerated; inflammation.
11 Thirst and appetite increased. Belching hot, fetid. Heartburn.
Fullness, pressure and weight in the stomach, as if he had eaten too much.
Digestion slow and painful. Chronic gastric ulcer (corrects the acidity and promotes ulcer healing). Sensation of gastric emptying with synchronous with the pulse beats. Metastatic gastric acid with hematemesis and vomiting.
12 Discomfort, pressure, fullness and burning in the umbilical region. Hypogastric pain after eating. Flatulent distention. Spleen hard, tough.
13 - () Watery yellowish upon arising in the morning, with sharp pains in the hypogastric. Mucosanguinolenta chronic diarrhea. Melena. Diarrhea in typhoid. Dysentery with tenesmus, rectal heat, great prostration and intestinal bleeding. Fetid stools and flatus.
14 - () Chronic nephritis, renal sclerosis. Acute nephritis after scarlet fever, measles, influenza and other infectious diseases, with albuminuria, hyaline casts: hematuria, oliguria and dark urine with urea decreased. Pyelonephritis. Hydronephrosis. Vesical catarrh, cystitis, chronic mucopurulent dark urine, bladder paresis. Enuresis. Severe pain, burning urination, with tenesmus and fever. Urethral spasm. The urine smells of violets. Greatly increased the elimination of urea to administer the medication. Alkaline urine. Urethral caruncle.
15 Increased sexual desire in men. Subacute and chronic gonorrhea.
Recent syphilis sore.
16 - () Vascular tumors in female urethra; ulcers in the hole. Acrid and fetid mucus. Nodule below the right nipple. Sudden waves of heat through the menopause, with palpitations and flatulence.
17 - () Bronchitis in frail elderly with bronchorrhea fetida. Tachypnea.
Asthma weak and anemic, with intense dyspnea and palpitations; relieves dyspnea and cough and promotes expectoration. Cardiac asthma. Expectoration white, thick, slimy, frothy. Bronchiectasis with expectoration fetida.
Emphysema. Pulmonary gangrene. Pulmonary tuberculosis: improved appetite and reduces the cough, expectoration, the stench, hemoptysis, and dyspnea. Pertussis in rachitic children.
18 Palpitations painful. Pounding in the abdominal aorta.
Aneurysms that press on the vagus and its branches.
19 nodes in the joints of the metacarpus and metatarsus. 1olores Tickling and limbs, with sensation of fullness in the veins, fatigue and stiffness. Rheumatic pains, worse at night. You can walk or take anything without pain.
20 - () Avian and sequels (and even as a prophylactic). Typhoid fever with high temperature, very offensive discharge and tachycardia; given in tincture in doses of 1 to 20 drops, the odor disappears and recovery is faster. "If I were limited to a single drug in the treatment of typhoid, would choose this" (Hale). In scarlet fever, as a preventive and curative, usually gives excellent results. Puerperal fever. Malaria: quotidian, tertian and double tertian. Hectic fever in tuberculosis.
2l fistulous ulcers and wounds or burns very fetida secretion.
Varicose ulcers, indolent. Lymphadenopathy. Herpes.