Eugenia jambos (rose apple). Homeopathy

Eugenia jambos
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eugenia jambos
1 Continue state of intoxication or drunkenness as with great verve and indolence. Desire to be alone.
2 Whenever this uncomfortable or dissatisfied. If sitting, wants to lie, if you are lying down you get up.
3 Abrupt change after urination, everything seems more beautiful and bright, but bright and cheerful, but after 15 minutes back to being sad.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eugenia jambos
4 - () Worse: the open air in the evening and night. Best: after urination (it is the most characteristic symptom).
5 - () Grand desire to smoke.
SPECIFIC Eugenia jambos
6 Vertigo: all things seem reversed. Migraine in the evening, with burning pain in the head, tearing, nausea and vomiting that exacerbate the pain.
Headache at night with burning eyes, violent thirst and increased urination. Neuralgia on the eyes. Headache as a table resting on the right side.
7 - () hot tearing. Burning in the eyes of late, worse on closing eyes.
Itchy eyes from pepper. Punctures in the inner corner of right eye. Violent internal itching eyes and nose at night. Sleepy eyes and sunken. Darkening of the Hearing, double vision, the better to stare. He sees things that turn upside down or, worse in the right eye. It appears that fire out of the eyes, and tears come at night l jets. Tearing in the sun.
8 - () facial acne, pimples, painful pimples around. Acne rosacea.
9 Sialorrhea frothy, thick, before eating and speaking. Dryness in the throat does not feel the passage of liquid to swallow.
10 - () Appetite increased. Cramp in the cardia, with nausea. Nausea, better smoking. Flatulence with rumbling. Drawing cord. Inguinal hernia by a fall.
11 diarrhea followed by vomiting. Urging to stool, with cramping. Pappy stool, sandy, jet, offensive, scanty, with burning pains in his stomach. Constipation. Stool hard, scanty, which removes much effort, followed by spasmodic closure of the anus. Tenesmus. Feeling of great weight in the
straight, as if everything would go.
12 Shivering after urination, urination improves it (see 3 and 4). Dark urine.
13 - () Impotence. Very slow or absent ejaculation during intercourse or very fast. Sweating and thirst after intercourse.
14 Cough moist, but not cough at night. Mucosanguinolenta yellow expectoration.
15 - () suppuration and periungual desquamation in the thumb. Hot hands.
Cramp-like pains, paralyzed, in the tibia and heel. Night cramps in the soles of the feet (Cupr.). Cracks between the toes. With cold wandering rheumatic pains. Pain in sacrum, knees and calves. Spine pain as from splinters, more laid back.
16 deep sleep, torpor, even at noon, with confused dreams.
17 Hot in the body as if naked. Sweating in the morning, with burning thirst. Fever before midnight.
18 eruptions worse during menstruation.