Euonymus europoea. Homeopathy

1 Moody, irritable, harsh. Not wanting to work.
2 thoughts fade was reflecting on something. Absent.
3 - () Worse after eating.
4 - () Dolores cutting, drawing or as chips. The pain led him to bed, what improvement, but reappear elsewhere.
Pains in head, thorax and abdomen, which are aggravated after eating.
Laterality 5 left.
6 Vertigo when sitting, objects are circling, with cloudy vision.
Lancinating headaches. Pain in the crown, as if you drive a nail.
Pressure on the eyebrows that seems to compress the eyeballs. Tension and tightness in the forehead skin. Headache after eating, with shivering.
7 Vision blurred, obscured. Black spots,
8 Ringing in the ears.
9 Tearing in the left side. Cutting, stabbing, in the
malar bone.
10 Toothache tearing. Cutting in language and under.
11 Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Epigastric pain and shock. Gastric derangement with albuminuria.
12 feeling that he cut his stomach under the ribs. Liver. Constricting and cutting pains in the stomach, worse after eating. Copious diarrhea, bloody. Canguinolento Involuntary evacuation of mucus.
13 Cutting pains in the penis, spread to the bladder.
14 - () Sighs. Needs to breathe deeply by a sense of fullness in the chest. As jerking or twitching in the nipples. Excoriating pain, as from a wound in the chest. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Precordial anxiety, as internal pressure. Chest discomfort are worse after a meal.
Tingling and 15 as blows to the back left side. Stitches as electric shocks, repeatedly, that rise from the sacrum, zigzag through the spine and shoulder blades. Papulitas back. Lumbago.
16 - () Tearing in the shoulders, worse on the left. Paralytic pain in the fingers. As shots in the hips. Paralytic pain in knees that prevent or inhibit walking or standing.
Shivering and 17 pooches throughout the body.
18 Tingling in the skin, which makes scratching, followed by burning. Pustulitas dry.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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