Eupatorium perfoliatum. Homeopathy

Eupatorium perfoliatum
(Yerba Fix the Foot bones)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eupatorium perfoliatum
1 - () You feel at night as if it were to lose consciousness.
2 - () Very excited, can not stand still, but desperately wants to not move, the motion did not relieve, especially during fever and chills.
3 - () The complaint (with the aches and chills during), this anxious,
despairing, depressed. Dejected with fever.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eupatorium perfoliatum
4 - () One of the two main characteristics of this drug is that it presents severe bone pain, acute and violent, worse from slightest movement, better at rest (Bry), feels like broken bones, broken,
and are sensitive and painful for the slightest pressure, especially in the back, head, chest and limbs, especially in the wrists, which feels as if dislocated. You can almost lying down, by the feeling that each ques is beaten or bruised, in desperation, moans and cries.
Generally, these pains are connected with the flu or malaria. Pains come and go fast.
5 - () The other great feature is the feeling of being beaten or bruised all over his body, joint and muscle pains, especially in the lumbar region and in the calves. There is a great feeling soreness of the parts, head, eyeballs, trachea and chest when coughing), members, etc..
6 - () Worse from cold, by motion; the open air when uncovered, drinking, newspapers, at 7 pm. Better-for repose, for the heat at home, for conversation, leaning on hands and knees.
7 - () Adapted to diseases of the elderly; constitutions worn agotodas,
especially for drunkenness. Cachexia by prolonged or frequent attacks of ague or bilious.
8 - () Great weakness during fever, trembling, fading as it moved.
Great prostration in the flu.
Desire and aversion of Eupatorium perfoliatum
9 - () I want ice cream (Phos).
SPECIFIC Eupatorium perfoliatum
10 - () Dizziness in the early morning. Feeling that falls to the left. Vertigo when trying to get out of bed. Headache with sensation of internal pains, better from conversation or at home, worse to go outside, periodically every 3 to 7 days. Headache with nausea through the morning of waking up. Aching and throbbing in the occipital region, intense pain worse on movement. Occipital pain and heaviness after lying down, should help lift a hand to his head. Pressure in the head as if he had a helmet of lead. Violent headache and back pain before and during the same chills and fever, sweating worse. Bilious headache or gastric derangement. Hemicraneas. Heat vertex with ringing in the ears. Aching parietal. Head directed backwards spasmodically. Painful fullness in the head by blowing or coughing. Tina.
11 - () Intense soreness of the eyeballs with periorbital bone pain, as if beaten or bruised. Edges of lids red with glutinous secretion. Great photophobia with watery, worse in the left eye, and cough. Reddish yellow sclera. Eyes bright.
12 - () Hum. You can hear everything, but seems to sleep deeply, but can not speak. Acute otitis. Mastoiditis (to the 100th every 2 days).
13 - () coryza with sneezing and characteristic bone pain, watery secretion; obstruction. Acute sinusitis.
14 - () anxiously. Cara sickly, sallow, dark red (during fever) or with red cheeks and dry skin and stretched Palid;
sunken. Sharp contractions in the right cheek. Cracks in the corners of the mouth.
15 - () Tongue with yellow or white layer. Pale oral mucosa. Fetid breath, acid. Bitter taste or tasteless.
f6 Aching throat, cold, dry.
17 - () day by Bon appetite. Anorexia of drinkers. Intense thirst appear long before the chill, and continuing during this and fever, but stops when you sweat, thirst for cold water, taking a sip or a lot each time, sometimes thirst for hot drinks, you realize that going to come chills, because he can drink all you want, is an unquenchable thirst. Sed before vomiting with vomiting immediately drink. Nausea before and during the chills and fever after drinking, the smell of food, or look at or think about them, or perfume or snuff. Vomiting before, during and after the chill during fever and perspiration, and then drinking, especially cold water. Bilious vomiting before, during and after the chill, and during fever; for cold water. Vomiting food during fever. soreness and tenderness in the epigastrium.
Gastralgias after eating something better after vomiting. Hiccups. Indigestion in elderly or alcoholic beverages. Can not bear tight clothing.
18 Liver sore, fullness and tenderness hepatica, with stitches or pain on movement or coughing. Tympanic abdomen. Can not bear tight clothing. Cramps in upper abdomen.
19 - () Diarrhea morning. Frequent stools, watery, greenish; you hot and burning in anus. Tenesmus. Constipation. Perianal herpes.
20 Urine: dark, transparent, dark brown, small, with whitish sediment, such as clay, profuse and pale in gout; dark bilious disorders. Inflammation of the meatus.
21 Itching in the pubic bone. Herpes in the scrotum and thighs.
22 - () Hoarseness in the morning on rising, with tenderness and warmth in the trachea and bronchi, coughing worse. Great oppression, with pain on deep breath and chest sounds. Dyspnea, dry cough, sweating and anxious expression (it scares dyspnea) should lie almost seated. Cough in the evening, that shakes, with red face and watery, by taking cold, hoarse, rough, scraping sensation in the bronchi, to seize the chest with hands that produces pain in the chest cough, especially intercostal (which did not improve with the pressure, as if it happens Bryonia), from tickling in chest, worse from 2 to 4 hours, lying on his back, best kneeling with his head resting on the pillow or hands. Chronic loose cough at night. Cough preceding or following the measles, for intermittent fever suppressed.
Chest pain, especially retrosternal with sternal oppression, as if this pressure on the heart or have little space; worse if deep breath or twisting the body to either side. You can not lie on the left side. Pain deep in the left chest and right shoulder.
23 - () Throbbing pain in the neck and occiput, and between the shoulders, better after rising. Chills in the back, up or down. Trembling in the back during fever. Back pain as if he had been beaten, bruised or broken, before and during chill and fever.
24 - () Stiffness of arms and fingers during the chill. Pain in the limbs, bones and muscles, as if they were beaten, broken or dislocated; worse as wrists and ankles, especially during the flu. Bone pain and muscle occur or are worse before and during chill and fever. Hands and heavy feet. Heat in the palms and soles of the feet. Edema in feet, ankles and knees. Pain in the metatarsal phalangeal joint of left thumb, he suddenly passed to the right; gout in his left knee and right elbow, worse than 10 to 16. Rheumatic sweats and bone pain. Syphilitic pains. Cramps. Walk crouch.
25 - () yawning worse before and during the chills, and stretches.
Drowsiness with dyspnea.
26 - () is, without doubt, the drug most used and most important in the disease influenza, but also indicated other processes feverish, as in intermittent fever or malaria, measles, dengue in, typhus, bilious fevers, etc.. Influenza are present in the characteristic pain, with great prostration, sore throat and cough, with very sore larynx and thorax; intense coryza and pronounced thirst, with vomiting to drink cough hurts the head and thorax, which must hold hands with (Bry). In any febrile affection, Eupatorium perfoliatum fever begins with severe chills, shaking and shivering with excessive disproportionate to the cold feeling, especially in the morning, between 7 and 9 hours (or a day at 9 and next day at noon) or night, up or down the back, and preceded by extreme thirst, generalized pain and intense bone pain, and broken, and nausea. During the chills and fever, intense thirst, continuing as general soreness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and yawning. The fever is just night and may not be followed by sweats little or bilious vomiting. The chills usually appear or anticipate to take cold water. Everything But The perspiration relieves headache. The more intense are the chills, sweats are less abundant, and vice versa. Chills by night, the evening, each time an hour earlier, and intense light one morning and the next afternoon. Chuchos with sweat. Yellow fever. Typhoid. Malaria: quotidian, tertian, quartan. Fevers of autumn. Late measles rash.
Jaundice 27. Herpes.
COMPLEMENTARY Eupatorium perfoliatum:
Natrum Muriaticum. Bryonia is the most similar but opposite of Eupatorium Perf.