Eupatorium purpureum. Homeopathy

Eupatorium purpureum
(Queen of the Meadow)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eupatorium purpureum
1 Great fear of illness.
2 Nostalgia for home, but being in and surrounded by her family.
3 Hysteria, sighing and crying all the time. Exclamations; loquacity.
Visual and auditory hallucinations.
4 Very depressed and sleepy. Dullness, confusion.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Eupatorium purpureum
5 - () Worse by motion and on the left side.
6 - () Widespread pain (less marked than in Eup.Perf.). Dolores ascending; bony.
Desire and aversion of Eupatorium purpureum
7 should hot drinks, lemonade, sour drinks cold.
SPECIFIC Eupatorium purpureum
P 8 Head feels light, giddy, as if flying in circles or moving in all directions, as if about to fall to the left, worse tomorrow. Headache and chills with front constriction. Pounding headache, throbbing, terebrante, the temporal and parietal left, starting to rise until the morning and evening, worse cold air, better walking in the fresh air. Violent headache before and during chill and fever; of tomorrow. Profuse sweating in the head, plus forehead. Sore scalp, with itching.
9 Staring with wide eyes. Tearing intense. Eyes red and swollen (with headache). Conjunctiva yellow with chills.
10 Sense of fullness in the ears. Hey cracks, worse when swallowing.
Auditory hallucinations.
Watery coryza with 11 acre and sneezing.
12 - () Cara heated, with fever, stuffy, hot, brilliant. Cyanotic lips.
13 Languages dirty, brown center, bitter taste, with the chills. Language asleep; punctures at the tip. Sialorrhea.
14 - () sensation of fullness and constriction in the throat to swallow often. Pain on swallowing. Constant burning, especially in the back of the throat, as if it had been burned with something hot. Pain in the left side, worse when swallowing; before the chill.
15 - () Thirst before chill, sometimes for, thirst with fever. Belching almost constant. Nausea with chills, nausea and vomiting during fever. Vomiting with headache. Nausea from the smell or sight of food or cooked food. Gastric fullness and swelling.
16 Noise in the stomach, with pain in the left side. Severe colic after urination. Hypogastrium swollen and hot. Bilious diarrhea. Pressure and weight in the rectum.
17 - () Cutting, or dull and deep, in the kidneys. Urolithiasis. Chronic nephritis. Anuria. Intense burning in the bladder and urethra, worse when urinating. Severe pain, sharp or pressing, bladder urination with chronic irritation. Bladder discomfort during a cold violent. Sensation of fullness in the bladder after urination. Chronic cystitis, cystitis in women, vesical catarrh, ulceration. Dysuria in pregnancy, travel or cold. Bedwetting. A urine stream drops or weak, and often with great effort, with ineffectual urging or painful. Urine scanty, frequent, with albumen and mucus; milky. Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes. Arenillas.
18 Impotence from exhaustion or sexual abuse.
19 - () cutting pain in left ovary, with feeling of heaviness or pressure shocks. Sterility. Heavy flow. Inflammation of the urethral meatus. Sense of groin asleep. Threatened abortion. Habitual abortion in the third or fourth month. Labor pains ineffective.
20 coryza, hoarseness, coughing at night, with pain and heat in the bronchi. Sigh often; great desire to breathe deeply. Violent palpitation. Full, rapid pulse.
21 - () The chill begins in the lower thoracic or lumbar region, and go up or down the back. Tre chilly feeling in the shoulder blades. Bothered by back pain chills. Neuralgic pains up and down, but the left side from the hip. Cutting back on the neck, from left shoulder to occiput. Labor pains in the back.
22 - () The arms sweat a lot, cold hands, a cyanotic. Gnawing on the hipbone. Legs numb; with intense bone pain. Severe pain in the sciatic left with paralyzed feeling worse after moving. Feel tired legs, especially the left, feet tired, feeling as if they crossed the heels heels (must look eerciorarse that it is not). Cold and sweaty thighs. Rheumatic pains that jump from one site to another, always from below. Members cold during fever. Pains in arms and legs before and during chill. Feeling tired in the limbs, with numbness and biting. Aching in the bones as if broken, appearing and disappearing suddenly, with great concern, that does not improve. Rheumatism in the elderly with bone pain and swollen feet.
Yawning 23. Restless sleep with frightful dreams.
24 - () Chuchos descending or climbing in the back, for the shortest camibio of position. Chill begins in the lower back and extends to the whole body, with violent shivering with cold comparatively low, bone pain, thirst during chill and fever and a cyanotic, or no thirst during the chill. Hot, dry skin with fever. Prolonged fever with bone pain, nausea and vomiting, followed by little sweat, especially front. Hectic fever with night sweats. Malaria, tertian. Chills at 10 or at 15 hours.