Euphorbia lathyris. Homeopathy

Euphorbia lathyris
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Euphorbia lathyris
1 Delirlo. Hallucinations. Stupor, coma. Restlessness.
General symptoms of Euphorbia lathyris
2 - () The whole body is stiff and cold as ice.
3 Down: by touch and cold air. Best: in a locked room.
4 Eyes almost closed by edema of the eyelids. Eyes bright. Staring with wide eyes and dilated pupils.
5 - () very sensitive nasal mucosa and edematous, with ulceration.
6 Flushing intense on the cheeks, followed by deathly pallor. Erythema that begins in the ara and extends throughout the body, but in places follicles; Harsh, edematous, with burning to play, then fine bran-like desquamation. Sensation of cobweb on the face.
7 languages covered, pungent taste. Breath cold, musty. Retching, nausea and vomiting sudden, violent, copious, clear water mixed with white pieces, jelly.
Abdomen retracted.
8 Stool copious white gelatinous mucus, then mixed with blood, then
Polyuria 9. Deep ulcers in the scrotum, itching and burning, worse when touched or washed.
Dyspnea 10. Paroxysmal cough, like whooping cough, ending with diarrhea and vomiting,
sleepiness between each paroxysm. Pulse weak, irregular. Weakened heart.
11 Sleep restless, disturbed by anxious dreams.
12 Fever, with burning hot skin. Profuse sweating, sticky, dripping her forehead.
Erythema 13 beginning at the uncovered parts (see 6). Scratching the rash,
Ulcerated form torn (is an antidote to Rhus Tox.).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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