Euphorbium. Homeopathy

(Juice of Euphorbia Resinous resinifera)
1 - () Method to be serious, calm, thoughtful, looks calm, although he likes the job. Silent.
2 - () Attacks of madness. Imagine that the same man who is walking ahead of him, also sees him behind. Acute mania. Everything seems bigger than it is.
3 Apprehensive, anxious.
4 - () Terrible burning pains, burning, as if a red-hot charcoal or coals were on or within the affected parties, internal or external, especially in cancer, carbuncle or erysipelas (when Anthracinum Arsenic or not improve). Burning pains in the bones. It is one of the best remedies to relieve cancer pain. Pressing pains, tearing or piercing, worse at rest, better by motion.
5 - () Worse, at rest, especially sitting, by touching the affected parties, to start moving by night and morning, by the heat. Best: in motion by the movement continued, walking and start walking, for cold applications.
6 prostration. Convulsions with loss of consciousness. Period cramps, writer's cramp. Starting up in bed like an electric shock.
Caries osseous 7. Gangrene of internal organs. Gangrene of old, cold gangrene.
8 - () Vertigo standing or walking outdoors, it does fall. Pain as if beaten, worse on the occiput and forehead, worse morning, lying and warmth, better by motion and the local cold. Sense of screwing in the brain. Erysipelas in the head.
9 - () Inflammation of the eyes with itching and dryness in the eyelids and eye angles. Tearing ardent eyelids stick by night conjunctival mucous secretion. Opacity of the cornea. Falls. Myopia. Diplopia. Ptosis of eyelids.
Earache 10 outdoors. Buzzing in right ear, can not sleep.
Bellows, bells.
Frequent sneezing 11. Nasal pruritus with mucus secretion backward.
12 - () Erysipelas on the cheek, with yellowish fluid-filled vesicles and pains actId. Inflammation and swelling of the cheek red, with sensation of burning heat; eruption in the face with yellowish vesicles, which open and discharge yellowish discharge, with pain from the gums to the ear and itching to give pain. Pale edematous swelling of the cheek. Burning in the left cheek.
13 - () Toothache worse when touched or chewed, with the swollen cheek.
Teeth fragile, crumbling. Dry mouth without thirst. Sialorrhea with tremors, nausea and gastric puncture. Saliva salt. Rancid or bitter taste.
14 - () Burning pain in the throat, like an ember, which goes to estoinago,
heat (as if you throw flames), anxiety and tremors, with liquid regurgitation. Adenoids. Enlarged tonsils.
15 - () Great hunger, with hanging relaxed feeling in the stomach and vacuum in the womb. Thirst for cold drinks. It burns like fire in the stomach and abdomen.
Gastritis. Gastralgia as beaten. Spasmodic constriction in the stomach.
Stitches in pit coughing. Hiccups. Cramps in the stomach. Flatulent colic. Belly retracted. Rumbling in the belly, with flatus.
f 16 Urging to stool, with difficulty in doing this and itching in the rectum. Liquid Stool first, then knotted; sticky. Burning sensation in the anus. Watery diarrhea with tenesmus, profuse, fermented, like water.
17 Urging to urinate, but not good and it does drip. White sediment in urine. Itching and stitching on the front of the urethra when not urinating. Sale urethral blood.
18 - () lancinating pain in the penis and testicles, burning pain. Voluptuous itching on the glans. Constant erections without desire. Discharge of prostatic fluid. Chronic gonorrhea.
19 - () Dry, spasmodic cough, day and night, burning tickling in trachea and chest, with oppression or dyspnea and expectoration morning. Violent coughing attacks barely touches the pillow, and still while in bed. Heat sensation in the chest, as if he had swallowed a hot meal.
Tensive pain in the chest muscles. Tension in the muscles of the chest, worse when turning the body to the right. Lancinating pain in the sternum and left side of the chest, worse at rest, better by motion. Burning pain in the chest.
20 - () sweats in the neck. Cramp-like pain in the spine, from tomorrow in bed lying on his back. Pain in the coccyx, worse on rising from sitting and start moving or touching or diarrhea.
21 - () Tension paralytic shoulder at rest, better walking.
Cramps in the hand while writing or after. Red streaks on the forearm, which bite when touched. Burning pain of the hip joint and the femur, and dislocated, worse on motion and at night in bed. Tearing pains in hips and thighs, better from motion, worse sitting, stitching, pressing on the lower limbs, with sense of paralysis and difficulty rising from a chair, worse at rest, better in motion.
Weakness and cold sweats in the legs, of tomorrow. Feet fall asleep while sitting. Heel pain walking right outside.
Rheumatic pains. Burning in cavities and bone necrosis.
Drowsiness by day 22, with many yawning after lunch. You have trouble falling asleep at night, with trembling and smooth. He wakes up often. Sleep with your arms extended overhead.
23 - () Chills to start eating and walking outdoors, with cold hands and hot cheeks, without thirst. Lack of vital heat. Sweating in the morning, with heat, without thirst.
24 - () bullous erysipelas; vesicles as peas, filled with yellow liquid. Vesicular eruptions. Itching burning with almost constant scratching.
Purple red stripes on the skin. Old ulcers, indolent, black, or stabbing pains, worse in morning, by the heat of the fire, lying, changing position or start moving, and on touch down or sitting, better by moving or walking. Epitheliomatous ulcerated. Warts. Rashes or hair covered parts. Rashes with punctures. Gancrena.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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