Euphrasia officinalis. Homeopathy

(Euphrasia officinalis)
1 Silent, does not want to talk, oblivious. Melanie. Indolence.
2 - () catarrhal affections of mucous membranes, especially of the conjunctiva, nasal and respiratory, with constant and copious watery acrid, irritating, nasal secretion simultaneously with profuse soft, smooth, worse at night.
3 - () Worse, in evening and tomorrow night, in bed, inside the house by the heat, the humidity, warm wind, when touched, after sleeping, by light or by the glare. Best: In the dark lying down (cough, dyspnea), by wiping his eyes, the open air for coffee.
4 - () consequences or ill effects of falls, bruises, bumps, bruises or mechanical aggressions of external parts (Arnica).
5 Cramp-like pains throughout the body. Lancinating pains that prevent you from sleeping; stitches itch all night, with great concern.
6 - () Headache in the evening, as if beaten, with coryza, worse lying down. Dull frontal headache, or pulsatile (visible). Headache as if head would burst. Stitches in the brain. Catarrhal headache with copious watery discharge from eyes and nose.
7 - () The main point of action of Euphrasia are the eyes and the fundamental and key feature for the prescription of this drug, and accompanying symptoms or processes of any other body part is a constant watery, copious, irritating , ardent, almost always associated with a watery coryza abundant and non-irritating, the tearing is aggravated by wind and coughing. The eyelids and their edges are swollen, hot, red and ulcerated, most left, clinging to the morning bite. It is indicated in all kinds of inflammations of the eye, acute catarrhal or gouty or rheumatic origin; simple conjunctivitis, granular or pustular, keratitis, iritis, keratitis postoperative or traumatic iritis, keratitis pustule with intense photophobia, sometimes recurrent, blepharitis; meibomitis. Ophthalmia neonatorum. Painful pressure in the inner corner of left eye and around the eye pressure in the eye, such as drowsiness, violent pressure in the right eye. Cutting pain spread to the sinuses. Pressure in the eye when looking at the light. Stitches in the eyes burning, burning it oblic to blink a lot, with plenty of watering. Sensation of sand or dust in the eyes, or like a hair hanging in front of the eyes and should wipe all the time. Itching of eyes to go outside, with characteristic frequent blinking and tearing, worse of late. Eye pain (worse in open air) alternating with stomach pains. Falls. Miosis. Cornea covered with mucus, with cloudy vision, close your eyes. Sudden and momentary dimming of vision, better flash. Pannus. Corneal ulcers. Opaque spots on the cornea, sometimes bluish, due to injuries. Chemosis. Photophobia by day and by sunlight or artificial worse in the evening, better in a dark room, sometimes with eyelid spasms. Conjunctiva and Sclera red, infected vessels ranging from angles to the cornea, as a vascular network. Pterygium from the inner corner. Periocular eruptions. Oculomotor palsy. Staphyloma. Cold in his eyes. Fall of lashes. The eyes roll.
e8 - () coryza with copious, watery, non-irritating, worse in the morning, with irritating tearing and photophobia (see 7) (the opposite is seen in Allium Cepa), with much cough and expectoration, worse in the hot wind and lying down, ceasing day. Hay fever, asthma. Violent sneezing with runny nose, or no apparent cause. Nasal Obstruction night, with secretion of day. Epistaxis. Excoriation and pain in the nostrils. Pustulitas in the nostrils.
9 - () stiffness in the cheeks when talking or chewing, with heat and burning pains. Rigid upper lip, as if out of wood. Eruption on face, red and hot when washing, burning, redness and itching. Pains in the chin and jaw.
10 - () Bleeding Gums. Stuttering. He speaks with difficulty paralytic stiffness of the tongue and cheeks. Nauseous taste, bitter after smoking.
11 - () Hiccups. Regurgitation. Vomit on hawking phlegm or boot. Stitches and burning in his belly. Stools hard and low. Pressure in the anus while sitting; hemorrhoids. Anal condyloma flat, burning, worse at night. Constipation.
12 Urine copious and clear. Frequent urination at night.
13 Genital Retraction Jerky at night in bed. Voluptuous itching on the glans and foreskin, with pinching. Condylomata, excrescences, itching, burning pain when touched. Prostatitis.
14 - () a shorter, painful and late, lasting only an hour or a day. Amenorrhea with cold oculonasal characteristic (see 7 and 8).
15 - () Hoarseness blue. Laringuea irritation with cough followed by retrosternal pressure. Stitches retrosternal to inspire. Difficulty breathing deeply, even sitting. Dyspnoea, worse morning, better lying down. Cough, daytime only, with adherent mucus in the chest, often streaked with blood, expectoration only in morning. Loose or wet cough during the day, dry at night. Cough better lying down, eating or drinking, snuff the smoke, the hemorrhoids disappear. Morning cough with mucous expectoration profuse; for breath. Pertussis alone during the day, with great tearing. Respiratory symptoms accompany it, in general, with the characteristic tearing and coryza. Asthma with coryza spasmodic.
16 - () cramping pains in the back. They sleep the arms and hands. Cramps in hands and fingers. Clumsy fingers. Stitches in the hips and knees when walking. Contractions in the tendons of the thigh and Achilles. Heaviness and cramps in the calves because they are long standing. Electric shock sensation of climbing up the thigh with paresis. Cracking in left ankle while walking.
17 - () yawning when walking outdoors. He wakes up often at night, as frightened. Nightmares.
18 - () Chills afternoon. Bluetongue. Measles (with symptoms oculonasal [see 7 and 8]). Scarlet fever. Copious night sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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