Eupion or Eupionum. Homeopathy

(or EUPIONUM - light volatile oil obtained by distilling tar Lena)
1 Irritable, gets angry very easily, worse during menstruation. Or is this happy, cheerful.
2 Memory very weak,
G 3 Sensation as if the whole body is made of jelly.
Pulsations over whole body while sitting still.
4 - () Hot: Especially on the tip of the tongue, cheek and around the right side of the body.
5 - () Worse: Morning, by blowing your nose in repose in Winter (cough); by coughing and sneezing (stomach upsets). Better: rest (headache and stomach upsets); leaning forward (stomach upsets).
6 - () Vertigo: everything turns to sit up in bed or roll over from right to left, with dimming of vision. Sensation of fullness in the head. Painful throbbing in the forehead, better lay, burning pains. Heat in the vertex. Feeling that you pull the hair, headache and watery eyes. Stitches radiating from the crown to the members,
abdomen and genitals. Badges painful boils or formed.
7 feeling that something hangs in the eyes, it needs to wipe them continually. Pressure on the eyes, as if to get out. Burning in the eyes, copious tearing, worse to fresh air, better in the room.
Swelling of eyelids. See all pale. Weak eyes.
8 Push in the ears, as if blowing air inside. Earache left, extending to the temporal.
9 cracks that bleed into the left nostril. Sneezing every time he blows, with coryza of tomorrow. Epistaxis on blowing or when menstruation stops. Pain at root of nose to inhale the evening.
10 Lip sore, cracked and as the superior raw, dry.
11 Nodule as a pea, hard, on the inside of the cheek.
Lumps on the tongue. Tongue red with elevated papillae. Tongue white, dry point, rough front, like a grater. Sour taste; putrid; pasty. Loose teeth, gums swollen and sore. Toothache just lying down, better get up and walk.
12 Mucus of bad taste in the morning, it costs expectorate. Dryness in the uvula.
13 Eructations taste of food. Vomiting food. Nausea by standing;
with thirst and shivering. Sensation of fullness in the epigastrium pain, bloating, pain in hypochondria.
14 stomach pains, worse by coughing, sneezing or blowing, better by passing flatus. Pain over the left iliac crest, walking, lifting or coughing arm better rest. Tender lymphadenopathy in English.
15 Newspapers Painful spasms in the rectum, extended to the vulva can not sit, sleep better after, but are nausea and back pain. Drawing tearing pain in the rectum or defecation, pruritus later. Tenesmus, best bleeds. Stools hard, dry, with great effort, every three or four days. Dark bloody stools.
16 Frequent and copious urination, worse off. Urine: hot lemon color, brown PMS.
17 - () The main action of Eupion center is in the genitals * emale. Burning, itching and swelling of lips and vulva, rubbing better, then worse. Vulvar itching worse at night. Menses too early and copious, watery, pale, with pains in the chest and back, intermittent, and reappear just stops the pain. Upon cessation of menstruation suddenly appear epistaxis, nausea, drooling, irritability, headaches, sharp pains in the stomach, chills, all these symptoms disappear to reappear menstruation. Moody and irritable during menses. After menstruation, yellowish copious flow to streams, the better the evening, coming back tomorrow, tine clothes with yellow spots, the flow appears to stop back pain, with stitches in his forehead. Burning in the right ovary. Chronic diseases of the tubes. Uterine displacement.
18 - () Dry cough from tickling in larynx or trachea, in paroxysms that produce dyspnea, ceasing to expectorate. Cough dry, hard, stifling, with stitches in the chest, coming back each winter, partly dry, partly loose, with expectoration thick, gray, greenish yellow; better for hot drinks or standing on the bed with sweat. Chest tightness; stitches and pressure on the sternum. Large breasts with pressive pains.
Stitches under her right breast, worse lying down, breathing and walking and dusk.
19 palpitations with bradycardia; think you hear the heartbeat. Palpitations premenstrual.
20 - () Node throbbing and burning in left side of the neck. Back pain: premenstrual, better bending backward; during menstruation, leaning against something better, alternating with the flow, spread to the pelvis, when stooping, can hardly stand up. Sacral pain, as if broken. Stiffness in the back between the shoulders. Heaviness back.
21 - () Tearing pain in limbs and restlessness in the legs, preventing sleep. Tremors of the upper limbs, with crippling pain. Stitches in right deltoid, elbow, right palm and fingers. It fingers hands and sleep. Like pain in joints dislocated his right hand. Sense of short muscles in the thighs. Sensation in the
back of the thighs as if torn off the bone muscles, worse while climbing, stooping, sitting or when touched. Pain as if dislocated, paralyzed in his right knee and right foot stitches. Cramps in calves, worse at night. Heat sensation in the legs. Heel pain. Feel numb soles of feet, like walking on needles. Stitches in plants during menstruation, in the right heel, which rises to the calf.
22 - () yawning with chills. Sleepiness at noon. It sounds to people naked with her son fell into the water, being chased by bulls, who falls into an abyss or anxious horrible dreams, which are repeated. He wakes up drenched in sweat.
23 Chills: headache, better warm drinks. Dry heat at noon. Profuse perspiration on least exertion; offensive.
24 Itching worse at night, better to move.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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