Europoeum Cyclamen (Cyclamen). Homeopathy

1 - () Excessively scrupulous. Tendency to find fault with others, criticism, censure.
2 - () Great sadness with a tendency to mourn and a desire to be alone. The loneliness and tears of relief. Silent sadness. Depression, moodiness, stubbornness and irritability (worse on awakening) with an aversion to work because, moreover, easily fatigued. Absorbed in his thoughts, cares about their future.
3 - () Feelings of guilt: she feels sad and unhappy because he thinks he has not done his duty or has committed an evil action.
4 - () modes of being or mental aspects alternating or highly variable, very active or weakened memory, irritability alternating with great joy or sadness, calm mood suddenly changes or nuisance very seriously, desire to work or laziness.
5 - () Disorders: suppressed by sadness or punishment, for that did not fulfill duties or commit evil deeds.
6 - () is offended by trifles.
7 - () Hallucinations: that it is abandoned, which is pursued by all, as if two people were lying in bed with her, and the body of the other covers half of his.
8 - () Fear of dying.
9 responds inconsistently to questions.
10 - () Grand aversion outdoors (the opposite of Pulsatilla, Cyclamen with which is very similar, except for this aversion and irritability).
11 - () Ill-effects from eating fatty foods, and pork, for coffee.
12 - () Worse, in evening and night, outdoors, at rest, for cold water, for cold bath, before menstruation, sitting, standing, overheating; upon arising in the morning on awakening. Better: Walking; during menstruation, in a warm room, by moving (though she does not like to), for food at night.
13 - () feeling of something alive in the womb (Thuya, Crocus), in the heart. Movements in the womb, for a pregnancy.
14 - () Dolores pressing, tearing, or drawing, especially in the periosteum, where bone contact with skin.
15 catarrhal secretions thick and smooth, not irritating.
16 Acts especially in phlegmatic people with anemia, pale, with disordered menstruation and accompanied by vertigo, headache and blurred vision. Weakness and prostration by the slightest cause.
Desire and aversion of Cyclamen EUROPOEUM
17 - () Aversion: the bread to butter, a fat, beer, meat, cold food.
18 - () like: lemonade, sardines inedible things.
19 - () Headache with shaky vision, trembling or cloudy or dark, like mosquitoes and black spots before his eyes in the morning on rising, in anemic patients. Vertigo in the evening, worse walking in open air, preferably in a room warm or cold water applications. Vertigo while standing, as if his brain moved or if the objects were being packed in a circle clockwise or more from one side to another, worse moving outdoors, better sitting. Sense of helmet on his head. Migraine with flashes in the vision, worse on the left side by the movement and the open air and then vomits improvement. Blows to the brain when bending, on the temples. Itching of the scalp worse in the evening and at rest, better by moving, changing place on scratching. Congestion of the head with heat sensation, confusion, anxiety and dark vision, newspapers. Head feels bound, as a band.
20 - () Vision. Vision cloudy, cloudy, foggy, and you see black spots or floaters, especially upon waking and after noon, especially for headaches and vertigo. Diplopia which prevents him from reading or sewing. Vision as hesitant, fluttering, trembling, as flashes of different colors (blue, green, yellow) during the headache worse, especially in the morning when you wake up or when trying to view. Go colored halos around lights. Go glittering needles, sparks, lightning flashes, flames dancing igneous. Go stains on waking. Watch thousands of stars. Myopia. Hemiopia, sees only the left half of objects. Mydriasis, or alternating with miosis. Heat in the eyes. Crossed eyes, the left eye turned in (one of the most important drugs in this disease). Itching, dryness and swelling of the eyelids. Eyes sunken, with dark circles. Burning eyes, worse in reading.
21 different noises in the ears. Hearing loss with sensation of clogged ears. Earache twitching. Itching in the ears with wax increased.
22 Hipoosmia. Frequent sneezing, with profuse secretion and loss of smell and taste. Nasal dryness. Pressing pain in the nasal bones.
Contraction Front 23. Pus pimples on the face, acne in young girls. Lips dry, hardened.
24 - () Saliva salty taste that communicates everything he eats. Tongue white. Red mouth, rough. Stitches in his tongue, burning at the tip. Pale gums. Toothache worse on the right. Dryness of the palate (the evening) and throat, with constriction and burning. Taste putrid or insipid.
25 - () No thirst all day, but appears in the evening, when heated face and hands. Sed at night. Feeling of satiety, worse morning, eating a few bites, then aversion or distaste for food, he feels nauseated on the palate and throat. Total lack of appetite. After dinner: nausea, hiccups, sleep, bowel sounds. Violent hiccough, often worse after eating and in pregnancy (with yawns). Belching or fatty acid taste, regurgitation. Nausea and vomiting prone epigastric discomfort, worse after eating or drinking (except lemonade). Vomiting: mucosal (followed by sleep), food, bile, blood vessels. Burning in esophagus, gastralgias, worse at rest, stretched on his back, stitches.
26 - () sensation of fullness and distention in the abdomen, malaise with nausea. Painful sensitiveness of the abdomen at the slightest touch. Stitches in the liver and umbilicus. Sensation of something alive in the womb. Colicos paroxysmal, worse at night, after dinner, getting up and walking better. Stitches and jock itch, worse on the left.
27 - () Stool hard and frequent. Constipation. Diarrhea: to take coffee; in anemic women with migraines and menstrual irregularities, tarry stools or watery with vomiting, at night. Drawing pressure on the anus and perineum, worse walking or sitting. Heat in the rectum, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding. Pain in the anus and perineum, as if an item was draining, worse sitting and walking.
28 - () Frequent urination. Urine profuse, watery, white, dark red, with iridescent cuticle. Stitches in urethra on urinating in the right renal region, inspiring worse.
29 Soreness of the glans and foreskin by gently rubbing. Phimosis. Few desires. Nocturnal erections. Prostate disorders stitches and urgency to urinate and defecate.
30 Menses suppressed or scanty, with headache and vertigo; suppressed by much dancing or getting hot, interrupted the second day (Puls). Menstrual irregularities with headache, blindness or flares at the hearing. Menses frectuentes, with relief of melancholy; profuse. Pre-menstrual like pains, with swollen belly. Menses black, clotted blood, membranous; long. Flow. Breasts swollen, hard and painful, with postmenstrual milky secretion, which stains the clothes. Milk in the breast of virgin or pregnant women or menstrual suppression. During menstruation, headaches, dizziness and visual disturbances.
31 - () a weak voice when reading aloud. Nocturnal or laryngeal tickling dryness in the larynx, with violent coughing and choking. Most violent cough sleeping better outdoors. Chest tightness, with shortness of breath, attacks of breathlessness. Sensation of weakness in the chest, as if he had the strength to breathe. Pressure on the sternum. Lancinating pains in the chest with dyspnoea. Sensation as if air out of the nipples.
32 - () Buzz heart; stitches at the tip. Tumultuous palpitation with chest pressure. Feeling that something lives in the heart.
33 excoriating pain in the neck, with paralytic sensation of weakness. Back pain.
34 - () Pressure as from a hard body, in the upper limbs, which prevents him from writing, with pain. Contracture of the thumb and index finger right or it can only be extended labor; writers cramp. Pains in the bones of the forearms, more to the right, worse by movement, touch and pressure. Feel like I had to drop what he has in the
hands. Pain as if beaten in her arms. Veins in the backs of hands. Vesicles red at the tips of the fingers, preceded by violent itching, scratching ceases. Tearing pain in the wrists. Painful cramps in the thighs. Left buttock pain when sitting, better off. Tearing pain in the flexor muscles of the legs, from the popliteal to the fingertips. Pain as from dislocation in the joints of the feet. Burning pain in heels, walking, sitting or standing. Excoriating pain in the toes or sense of death, walk or later. Red spots on the thighs, like a burn. Sensacion dislocated left standing. Itching legs and feet. Fetid sweat between the toes. Chilblains.
35 - () yawning frequent morning sleepiness. Deep sleep with snoring, or disturbed by anxious dreams, with anxiety. Suenos: with money, erotic, vivid, horrible nightmares barely sleeps. He wakes up early, so tired and sleepy that you can not get up. Great sleepiness after eating.
36 - () Chills throughout the body, which do not improve with clothing; With menstutales irregularities; during enstruacion, worse in the morning or evening, with great sensitivity to cold air or uncovering. Heat in the face or the back of the hands and neck. General heat after eating. Offensive sweat sleeping.
37 - () Intense itching in various places, worse sitting or at night in bed, better by scratching, but soon reappears elsewhere.
Natrum Muriaticum. Lycopodium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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