Extracts of medicinal plants. Properties

Plant extracts are natural products obtained by maceration or percolation of medicinal plants.

The basis of preparation is the contact, more or less prolonged, between the ground-conveniently divided-and solvent, chosen for their characteristics to better use and greater affinity with the active ingredients of this plant.

The maceration is a static extraction at room temperature. The double dimaceración or maceration is a variant of the maceration that is to carry out the removal of all active ingredients of the plant in two phases. A first portion of the solvent to save the follow-liquid extraction and whatever is left of the plant (part), after-depleting filtration under the other part of the solvent to obtain a new liquid extract that is added to the first .

But one of the most widely used techniques for obtaining hydroalcoholic extracts is the percolation dynamic process by which we obtain the active ingredients of the plant dried and pulverized, placed inside a special tank called the percolator or leachate. The solvent passes through, downstream, the column of powder plant and flows through the bottom.

The percolation solvent saves time and achieves a more complete depletion of the plant and allows for highly concentrated liquid in active ingredients, using the proper technique for each.

Extracts of some plants and their properties:

Remineralizing, anti-inflammatory of the gastric mucosa, aperitif.

Diuretic, remineralizing.

Hypoglycemic, pancreatic tonic.

Colagogo, diuretic, digestive.

Tonic, aphrodisiac, re-educator of the nervous and circulatory systems.


Cardiotonic, stimulating blood circulation.

Antiobesity, antihipotiroideo.

Ginkgo Bilova

Venous tonic, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory venous.

Antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory.

Tranquilizer, neurosedative, antispasmodic.

Purifying, diaphoretic.


Stomach, carminative and spasmolytic in heavy and slow digestion. Has some diuretic effect. Favoring lactation (galactógena).

States of fatigue and hypotonia. Treatment of stress, physical or mental fatigue. Supplement on aging and other situations of exhaustion, wear and physical and mental exertion.

Recommended as a sedative in cases of insomnia, anxiety, irritability and other nervous diseases of various origins.

Sinusitis, influenza, common cold, feverish conditions, rheumatism, arthritic and inflammatory symptoms. Dermatosis. Retention, urinary uric lithiasis, cystitis.

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