Fagopyrum (buckwheat, buckwheat). Homeopathy

(F. esculentum - buckwheat)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Fagopyrum
1 It feels very happy and active or, conversely, depressed, irritable.
2 Inability to fix attention, can not study because it remembers what you've read, aversion to mental work.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Fagopyrum
3 - () Worse in the afternoon, 15 to 18 hours, at 11, after bedtime, for the heat by motion; climbing stairs, for deep breath, walk in the sun, lying on the right side, traveling in vehicles, stooping, when writing, touching something cold, by pressure, by tight clothing. Better: cold applications, cold air, eating, for coffee.
4 - () pulsations visible in the carotids and other arteries, worse on lying down.
5 Excretion foul, sweating in the armpits and feet.
SPECIFIC Fagopyrum
6 - () Headaches deaf evening, with hot head and neck fatigue. Bursting; pressing headache from the inside out. Headache: on waking at night to sleep, better eating, walking outdoors or tilting the head back. Sharp pains as threads in the scalp. Itching. Cerebral hyperemia.
7 - () itchy eyes and eyelids, swollen, red, hot, as if sand. Tearing to read. Itching on the edge of the eyelids. Feeling that pressure you eyes out at the same time, pull back as the thread. Deep pain in eyeballs, worse moving.
8 - () heat, itching and neuralgia in the ears, chilblains, erysipelas. Itching in the fallopian tube.
9 - () Nose sore, red, cracked wall. Secretion and sneezing coryza. Scabs in nostrils. Pain in the lower nasal pressure.
10 Pain in temporary v malar. Lips dry and cracked; longitudinal crack in the upper lip. Face pale, sometimes red, with dark circles, swollen, hot and dry, and sunburned.
11 The teeth squeezing ache, worse for cold drinks. The gums bleed and hurt. Swollen palate. Taste ugly morning; taste of what they eat, with cructos. Tongue red and cracked at the edges. Foul breath.
12 - () Sore throat, dry, inflamed, red, or accumulation of mucus, pain as raw, worse when swallowing. Foreign body sensation in the throat. Swollen tonsils; expels foul cheesy masses. Parotid and submandibular swollen and sore. Uvula elongated.
13 - () Belching acids, aqueous and hot, they drown. Morning sickness, better eating. Sensation of emptiness and gastric discomfort, soreness. Thirst for large quantities of cold water. Canine hunger he had eaten little while.
n4 liver pain on stooping, as if beaten, at 10 am, worse lying on the right side and the pressure; stitches from front to back. Abdominal distention, flatulence, worse by the pressure of clothing. Hypogastric pain spread to the groin. Burning after stool rectal tenesmus, diarrhea. Pasty or watery stools, very offensive.
15 Cutting in the urethra. Difficulty in expelling the last drops, and some leave after he thinks he has done.
Profuse sweating and 16 offensive on the male genitalia.
17 - () Pain in right ovary, walking in the afternoon. Vulvar itching better for cold water. Tine Flujio that yellowish color, worse at rest.
18 Cough touch the neck. Heaviness, stitches and pains as from blows to the chest. At bedtime, since Nipple stitches backward, better by pressure. Stitches as from needles in the right breast to inspire. Pains in the outer left breast up and down. Foul-smelling armpits.
19 Burning pain in the heart, better lying on his back, spread to the shoulder and arm. Palpitation with oppression. Pulse irregular and intermittent.
20 stiff neck and sore. Neck feels tired, like he could not support their heads. Pain in the neck, tipping the better head back. Stitches in the right kidney.
21 - () pain in the shoulder every morning, worse from cold. Pain in the arm in the afternoon, spread to the chest and biceps, with numbness. Pain in the bones of the hands, worse when touching a cold surface. Visible heartbeat in the arteries. Hip pain extended to the sacrum and feet. Legs and feet fall asleep. Rheumatic pains better from motion. Hands cold and sweaty. Wet plants. Itching deep in their hands. Intense itching of arms and legs, worse in the evening, and knee and elbow.
22 Drowsiness with yawning and stretching, at 17 or 18 hours. Restless and interrupted sleep.
Chills 23 back in the afternoon. Heat and restlessness at bedtime. Hands and feet alternately hot and cold. Face, head and hot hands. Cold sweats at night and copious sticky.
24 - () Itching intense and widespread, with or without rash, especially on hairy parts of the body, worse from 17 to 19, by scratching, at bedtime and by touch. Papulas stings, painful to touch, worse from scratching. Dermatitis vesicles, pustules. Painful red spots.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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