Fats and oils: Properties and Major Functions

Energy function
The energy value of fat is approximately double that of carbohydrates, but their assimilation to occur harmoniously takes two carbohydrate molecules for every molecule of fat body. In this proportion the combustion or fat metabolism is ensured.

Vehicle operation VITAMIN

The lipid or fat is the vehicle of fat soluble vitamins, ie vitamins A, D, E, K and F, of which the first and second are crucial for growth and one for playback. The operation of vehicles vitamins is one of the most important in nutrition are entrusted with fat.

Function of free acid contribution
Another of the important functions attributed to fatty foods is the contribution of unsaturated fatty acids, with the bulk of them: linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid. Although the daily requirement of these acids are extremely small, their presence in the body is essential to develop fully the functions of metabolism.

That fats are recommended?

Reflecting on that fat is the best and easiest to obtain and digest the body requires a detailed explanation, as there are plenty of theories widely distributed, mostly false, who have only managed to confuse anyone who is interested in the subject. For example, the absurd assertion that the butter is harmful and that margarine is not, and this for nothing but to name one of the widely publicized dietary horrendous errors.
The main rule that should govern the ingestion of fat is that we must take care to ensure our body the sufficient supply of vitamins can dilute the fat, and unsaturated fatty acids, and this is only possible through the use and ingestion of natural fats. Even people suffering from excess weight should be taken daily given a small amount of natural fats.
Today is the civilized Western nations and gives the paradoxical situation that the average consumer does not eat healthy apparently with enough natural fat despite excessive consumption of fat does. When the fat is wrong to suppress the use of those fats already in normal amounts barely sufficient to meet the minimum requirements of vital substances that are linked to natural fats may find themselves in a situation threatening to their health.

Daily necessities
The minimum natural fats are for infants 2 to 3 grams per kilo of weight in adults 50 to 60 grams daily. The fat must be eaten in larger amounts than those prescribed in winter or very cold climates, since heat energy in addition to providing a haven for the body. Moderately agree especially the children who help in the growth must limit their consumption or abstain entirely from these people with liver problems or prone to arterioresclerosis.

Major oil and use in nutrition and medicine
Oil poppy against hypercholesterolemia. Soothing. Strengthens the nervous system.
Borage oil: High content of gamma-linolenic acid between 16% to 24%. Excellent regulatory endocrine and hormonal system. It regulates menstruation disorders, pre-menopause, menopause, pregnancy, etc.. membrane phospholipids of regenerating nerve cells. Regenerator of the general metabolism.
Safflower oil: The best to prevent and send off excess cholesterol. Antirheumatic. Laxative. Prevents cardiovascular abnormalities.
Sunflower oil: Power defenses, aids in cleansing the lymphatic system. Against the calcification of arteries. Regulates the functions of the mucosal tissues. It is a live element.
Linosol Oil: The most assimilated of the oils. Ideal for people with vitamin deficiencies. Strengthens the immune system and metabolism of prostaglandins PGE1 and PGE3. Regulates intestinal laziness.
Olive oil: Regulatory functions of the digestive system and especially of the gallbladder and pancreas. This recommended for diabetics and against cholesterol.
Evening primrose oil: Balanced content of gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic. Used in the prevention of multiple sclerosis. Endocrine balancer. Spoke against senility.
Sesame oil: Excellent stabilizer nervous. Protector of cerebro-spinal system. Antidepressant. Exceptional skin nutrient. For people with lots of intellectual work. Natural cosmetic, massages, ANTIESTRIAS.
Soybean Oil: Very comparable. For their important contribution to living lecithin, is a powerful tonic for nerve and brain cells, especially for diabetics.

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