Fats or oils. Digestion. Needs. Practical Tips

Fat digestion
The neutral fat and lipoid
Minimum Requirements
Fats. Tips

Fat digestion

Fats or lipids are relatively more difficult foods to digest, for which the agency requires the support of the bile. Especially fat of animal origin, meat fat, bacon, butter, etc.. not altered by oral digestion process does not exist in the saliva any lipolytic ferment that is disruptive of lipid fat molecule. Are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol during gastric digestion by gastric lipase force when in emulsion (milk fat and egg yolk) instead of the previously mentioned non-emulsified fats, animal fats, etc.. only digested in the intestinal environment where the emulsifying bile and makes them digestible. Finally they are decomposed in the course of intestinal digestion by pancreatic enzymes present in pancreatic juice (pancreatic lipase and lipase and duodenal enteric). This action occurs only when bile salts under which the emulsion has been made of fats that are not naturally emulsified.

The neutral fat and lipoid
Once introduced into the body, lipids can be divided into two groups: neutral fats and lipoid.

The neutral fats, which are common, are chemically triglycerides, or the result of the combination of a molecule of glycerol with three fatty acids higher, as explained at the beginning of the item. The lipoid however, include phosphatides, cerebrosides and sterols, and are organic substances related to the common or neutral fats fats. Excisional decompose into higher fatty acids and nitrogen bases. Among recommend phosphatides, lecithin, present in the central nervous system, nerves in the egg yolk in the bone marrow, and so on., Being an excellent tonic, and cephalin, which as the name abounds in the brain tissue.

Among the brain, whose name also indicates its presence in brain tissue should be mentioned Cerebrons. Among the most important sterol mention of cholesterol or cholesterol found in all cells and in all tissues and fluids in our body, especially in the brain and peripheral nerves.

The significance of neutral fats and lipoid is diverse. The first that abound in the subcutaneous tissue and around the gut of obese men are essentially energetic substances, ie energy producers such as carbohydrates. The lipoid instead become part and parcel of the structure of all cells, but essentially the nerve cell in the form of lipoproteins, which as the name is a combination of lipoid protein, ie that the lipoid them is reserved for the noblest function of plastic material of the cell protoplasm. The neutral fats, that is, for example, fat oil, butter has a more modest role in nature but equally vital energy.

Minimum Requirements
The minimum requirement for fat ration is very low, because the body can be replaced with minimum intakes, since fats can be synthesized from carbohydrates and from protein through a special process of transformation. However, the presence of a certain amount of fat in our diet is advisable to indicate the reasons pro when talking about the functions of fat.

Fats: Practical Tips
1 .- Avoid at all possible the consumption of meat fats, lard, goose, duck, etc.. as they lack vitamins and free fatty acids, may therefore cause liver and skin intolerances and decalcification and acidification of the body.

2 .- Do everything possible in palm oil, cotton, palm kernel, and so on. and mixtures thereof, for by its high degree of saturation and low digestibility are dangerously harmful.

3 .- Use unassailable cooking containers, preferably stainless oil, clean the fouling of coal produced by cooking fat.

4 .- Reduce the fat oxidation by heating the shortest time possible before frying. Let drain after fried food out of the container where it is cooked.

5 .- Do not heat the oil bodies for too long or too hot. If you have a special thermometer for this purpose, do not allow the temperature exceeds 170 degrees, swinging between them and 150 degrees.

6 .- Do not keep too long already fat and do not add NEVER used crude oil. Subsequently, remove the oil when it begins to darken.

7 .- Avoid eating fried

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