Feeding during a healing crisis

Feeding during the healing crisis
During the crisis there is a lack of appetite. One must respect the body's natural demands vehemently. Under the crisis the body needs water to aid in the drainage of toxins that have reached the point of being eliminated, and also needs rest, physical and mental rest.

The patient should be advised not to eat too much during the crisis, or rather nothing but vegetable juices. It is preferable to food that help in the removal process. At the height of the crisis the patient must abstain almost completely from eating, or eat very sparingly, in order to give the body the opportunity to concentrate all its functions in the development of the healing process. If the patient is fasting when the crisis occurs, your doctor may allow you to continue fasting during the following period of seven days before breaking the fast. However, if the patient feels well and everything seems to be in the most favorable, fasting may be interrupted.

The crisis is not something they have achieved neither the doctor nor the patient are the body's natural processes that produced it. The instinctive intelligence which operates in the body than any doctor knows more about the structure, repair and regeneration of tissues, whatever the curing procedure used to treat the case.

The crisis is usually when the doctor is doing less for their patient. It is the body of this which makes the effort to normalize itself, and in most cases it is best to leave him alone to carry out their healing process. However, the naturopath must be alert for this incident that frighten the patient or requiring emergency intervention and should not implement procedures suppressive or stimulating the natural process. In many cases what matters is not what the doctor does, but what does not.

The healing crisis comes to those who come to shape the rules. When you start doing the right thing we can not get sick. Unfortunately there are those who can no longer retrace his steps in the process of regression because their lifestyle has been badly to the point that healing is impossible.

The disease is actually the lack of health. Everyone still has something ill health. The starting point which is still available and get energized about it until you reach full health. When we see a truly healthy person want to be like her, but that he took his time. Health is not offered to us in a silver tray, must be earned through hard work, must be built or rebuilt if step by step, we must eat and drink it mouthful by mouthful, and there are also gradually being mentally building, we must " think about it every day. All this takes time and constructive effort. If you are consistent in this regard will attract all good things for themselves, including better breathing and elimination of intestinal contents.

The healing crisis in iridology
Once exposed what is a healing crisis and how to get to it, the goal of iridologist to view the changes in the iris indicate an improvement in the integrity of tissues and, therefore, the restoration of health. In addition to lightening the color of the iris, the state of internal fever, which also usually occurs in chronic conditions and destructive around the pupil, we have the signs of healing in the iris. When these are not only improves the circulation of the organ in question but this is pure blood, healthy and overflowing. It is this surplus blood in the affected area which will create better fabrics.

If using a powerful magnifying glass you can see how small they appear white lines (lines of healing) in the deep holes and as a reconstructive process progresses until they are filled up to surface. When these white lines reach the surface and become very white, the maximum degree of the crisis has been achieved. A hole in the iris, a sign of a hereditary weakness, can be compared with a hole in a sock. When you start doing a darn gross tissue, more or less open, cross-linked thread, and finally filled with a fine weave and dense. Signs of recovery does not necessarily follow the fibers of the eye can go on a cross, from the side or in any direction. Do not forget, finding these lines of cure is the ultimate goal of all good self-respecting iridologist.

*Automatic Translation