Felinum Lac. Homeopathy

(Milk shark)
1 - () Great anxiety of conscience, every little absence it seems a crime.
Great depression. Many irritability.
2 Has fear of falling down stairs.
3 Create the angles of the furniture or any pointed object is going to enter the eye, although these objects are not close to her.
4 - () Worse lying on left side.
5 heavy feel terribly weak and the whole right side of the body, with difficulty walking. Constants nervous tremors, especially in the hands.
Desire and aversion of LAC FELINUM
6 - () Great desire to eat paper.
7 - () Pulsation in the head, with heat front and nasal constriction in the root. Heaviness and pressure in the forehead, parietal and vertex. Terrible headache that enters from the left eye to the center of the brain, left supraorbital pain spread to the crown. Severe headache with heat, limited both to the left, downhill to the left side of face and nose and the ear, the pain is so strong it compels him to close his eyes, rested her chin on his chest, holding his head firmly hands and running around the house screaming. Headaches read. Sialorrhea during headache.
8 - () Very sharp pain in the center of the left eyeball (sometimes right), usually with copious tearing, photophobia, and conjunctival redness large, especially in reading and writing, extending to the posterior wall of the orbit and then to the temples , with pulsations and, at times, cloudy vision. Keratitis. Choroiditis. Asthenopia. Neuralgia. Pain from eyes to occiput, to stare, read or write, you gather points.
The flashes of light hurts your eyes. Heaviness of eyebrows and eyelids, as if they lead. Feel your eyes sunk in his head.
Twitching in the eyelids. Corneal ulcer. Left eye hot, and they stick the eyelids. Styes.
9 Do not you sense the smell of clams, that you love and can not eat them.
10 - () Toothache. Sensation of having his tongue burned by a hot drink. Boca red, dry, feels that they stick the mouth parts to each other. Absence of taste, or like a tin can. Sialorrhea. Enlarged tongue, with jagged edges. Ulceritas white wide mouth. Elongated palate.
11 Mucus in throat, thick, stringy, adherent, yellow, sweetish taste, which are plucked with difficulty.
12 - () No appetite. It swells the stomach after eating, must loosen clothing. Cold, great soreness and tenderness in the epigastrium, worse left.
13 - () belly pains as if to begin menstruation. Feeling of having a cold bandage in hypogastrium at midnight. Weight in the pelvis, with bearing down as if he could walk, even worse.
14 - () Stool slowly emerging or receding when ceasing to strain to eliminate them, as if the rectum does not have the strength.
15 Frequent desire to urinate very pale urine. You have to wait until it leaves the jet.
16 - () Terrible vulvar pruritus, with yellow discharge. * Painful drawing in various left.
Dryness in the glottis 17. Great oppression of breathing, with shortness of deep inspiration.
18 Pain in the right side of the left wrist by using the index. The left foot feels cold to the touch with the right. Leg pain.
19 very deep sleep, trouble waking up. Sounds with earthquakes.
20 feels hot or cold alternately.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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