Fenugreek. Properties. Medicinal Plants

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
The fenugreek fenogrecoo or belongs to the family of clover. It is a plant grown widely in India and China where it is used as a condiment for their distinctive aroma.

Properties or Fenugreek
* Its seeds are rich in protein (30%), lipids and sapogenins that stimulate appetite.
* Regulates insulin secretion by the pancreas that is used in cases of metabolic disorders thinning.
* It is used in iron deficiency anemia. Lack of appetite, fatigue or general weakness (anorexia, weight loss, constitutional thinness). Convalescence.
* Useful in the treatment of type II diabetes (non insulin-dependent diabetes).
* It is used in the external treatment of cellulite and certain skin conditions.
* Your ability to increase muscle mass and volume, makes use by people who practice bodybuilding.
* Other uses are: hiposecretoras Dyspepsia, constipation, gastritis.
* In topical acne, pharyngitis, blepharitis, vulvovaginitis, eczema, abscesses, boils, sprains.

Contraindications or Fenugreek

Their bitter principles can pass into breast milk of nursing mothers. No alcoholic extract use in children under 2 years and in people with ethyl.

Side effects of fenugreek

None known.

Toxicity: 0 - 1 - 2 - 3

Note if alcohol use as an extract. The insulin is taken into account for their action antiglucemiante.

(0 = none, 1 = somewhat toxic, 2 = toxic, 3 = very toxic)

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