Ferrum magneticum. Homeopathy

(Oxide of iron lodestone)
1 Great indecision. Reflexion much before taking anything.
2 Movements slow. Indolence.
3 It gives an air of importance, self-sufficient, proud. Irascible.
4 - () Paralytic weakness with difficulty in movement and muscle relaxation. Weakness sweat after walking, the fatigue seems to come from
belly, with trembling hands and feet. Tires from slightest exertion.
5 - () Worst: eating and after eating (see 11).
6 Headaches: throbbing, the right side, worse stooping, moving arms and climbing stairs. Itching of the scalp flakes, painful pustules, hair loss.
7 Go dark flashes. Halo around light colors, violet or red.
Pain in the eyelids, the less swollen. Itching in the corners, pain in the caruncle, with tearing.
8 Drawing in ears on swallowing. Itching or tingling with cold and pain in the ear canals.
9 Sneezing, with obstruction of one side. Heat and flushing in the face. Itching and tingling in the face and lips. Eruptions.
Gums bleed 10 by the lower pressure. The teeth hurt when you chew.
Sialorrhea. Itching of the palate. Rancid or bitter taste in his throat. Pressure on the esophagus.
11 - () While eating: flatulence, movements and sounds in the womb. After dinner: quiet, tired, hot, gastralgias breathing, anxiety, eliminates flatulence and urgent diarrhea. Nausea.
12 - () discomfort in the belly of the left side. Rumbling and movements in the abdomen, with twitching in the legs. Abundant fetid flatus. Loose stools, involuntary to eject a fart. Itching and tingling in the anus and rectum.
13 Itching and pain in the scrotum and tip of the glans. Increased sexual desire, with or without an erection, or lack of desire.
14 Cough after eating tracheal irritation. Tearing or cutting in the left thorax to breathe. Sensation of emptiness in the chest.
15 Pain in the neck of tomorrow. Twitching in the upper limbs. Pain as if dislocated in the wrist. Tingling in fingers and toes. Freckles on his arms and fingers. Wart on the back of their hands. Pulsation at the tip of the thumb. Felon. Pain in the hip by bringing the leg backwards, lying on that side better. Contracture in the calf. Sharp pain in the knee to bend or walk outdoors. Pain in a foot, worse when bending it upwards. Tingling in heels. Sore little finger.
Synovial cyst in the foot (ganglion).
16 Yawning noisy. He sleeps sitting. Sounds hardly sleeps. It 1espierta start, with cold and shivering, or sweating and overheated. Restless sleep.
17 Shivering and cold in the side which is lying. Fever with sweat and slow pulse, after bathing. Suda least exertion; acid odor; in occiput or throughout the body.
18 Itching and tingling, especially in the evening, better scratching, only to reappear elsewhere. Red, red sometimes blue.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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