Ferrum metallicum. Homeopathy

(Ferrum Metallicum-Iron)

1 Extremely irritable, especially before two dissimilar circumstances: to a smaller opposition or contradiction, which does not tolerate, and the smallest noise such as the rustling of the newspaper or a paper that desperate. Hypersensitive to pain. Fussy, harsh, argumentative, fiery, passionate, easily excitable, and he produced fits of anger disorders. Sanguine temperament. These, and all his mental characteristics, improved by moderate mental work.

2 - () Craving for the slightest cause, feels as if he had committed a crime, guilt, with throbbing in pit.

3 Mode to be changing or alternating, a depressed and melancholy night, the next too happy. Tendency to mourn or laugh immoderately. But in general, are dominated by depression, with gloomy forebodings or great concern for his own, with constant thoughts of death and fear of stroke. Depressed after menstruation, or before or during. Silent, says little. Great indifference. She blushes easily.

4 Mind confused, can not collect his thoughts. There is aversion to the study, can not study.

5 like solitude.

6 Haughty, proud, and this too with himself.

7 - () The entire circulatory system, especially with regard to blood circulation, blood vessels and blood composition itself are altered. Circulatory disorders are externalized through irregularities in the distribution of blood flow, as manifested by blood flow, waves or orgasms real blood up to the face, flushing easily, especially the least emotion, or exercise or exertion, or pains for wine, also go to the chest, head, lungs, etc.. There is a true look of healthy, false plethora of people, moreover, very weak or easily exhaustible, with headache, epistaxis, dyspnea, etc.. He blushes and blushes once. The parties are put pale red (lips, tongue, face and oral mucosa). Local congestions and inflammations with pain throbbing or pounding. There is a relaxation of the muscle layers of blood vessels (producing strains), and venous (especially in the head, face and feet) causing varicose veins, and arteries, with increased blood pressure, weakened walls rupture and consecutive bleeding in any sector of the body (nose, lungs, uterus, etc..), with the disruption caused by any loss of vital fluids. Profuse bleeding blood red light or alive, that coagulates easily, with dark clots. Bleeding in very debilitated or anemic. Anemia with extreme pallor or discoloration of the mucous membranes, face and lips, red easy, quick and intensely by milder stimuli (pain, emotion or effort), with plethora of false appearance. Anemia in young people with circulatory disorders mentioned above. Anemia of any origin, bleeding or nutritional deficiencies or illness, exhausting; of cancer or syphilis. Pernicious anemia. Hemophilia. Venous murmurs. Heart murmurs in anemia. Chlorosis. Violently beat blood vessels anywhere in the body.

8 - () The most important mode of Ferrum is the aggravation or development of symptoms by rest, and also by quick movements or sudden movement or start experimenting, however, a marked improvement by gentle movements, moderate, slow and continued or walking slowly, walking (Puls), although the weakness forced him to lie down or may faint. But he has other notable patterns. This worse euieto sitting, lying, and at night, at midnight and dawn; from cold in winter; sweating before, during or after menstruation, at noon or afternoon, by sunlight, by scratching, for eating and drinking by getting hot. This better-for heat (except the pain in the neck, face and teeth), in Summer, for cold water, for coffee. Aversion to open air and drafts.

9 - () General weakness (almost paralytic). Constant fatigue and inability to prolonged efforts easier. Was prostrate, sometimes even by just talking, often alternating with anxiety and trembling all over. It feels so weak that you need sleep. Weakness with florid appearance. Weakness: diarrhea, during the fever before and during menstruation; by sweating; after sleep walking (but doing so slowly improving). Relaxation, weakness and tenderness of all muscles, with thinning and cold. Prolapse: rectum, vagina and uterus. Paralysis by loss of body fluids. Fainting. Loss of strength. Cachexia by inadequate nutrition and assimilation. Women weak, delicate, with very red face. Lack of reaction. Lack of vital heat.

10 - () Disorders: eating eggs for abuse of quinine, from eating fat, for beer, for butter, cold drinks, from fruit, for meat, for acids, for vinegar, for milk, for you.

11 - () Violent pain, tearing, stitching, pressing, crippling, burning, especially at night and, worse, after midnight, forcing him to get up and move the parties concerned or walk slowly from one side to another, that makes it better.

12 - () Dropsy after loss of body fluids, intermittent fevers, abuse of quinine and liver disorders. Anasarca. Edema of the scrotum, legs and feet.

13 - () thinning, which may occur quickly. Atrophy in children. Obesity. The bones have a tendency to soften or bend, and delayed fracture in welded.

Desire and aversion OF FERRUM
14 - () Wishes: bread, bread with butter, liquid food; of acids;

15 - () Aversion: to eggs, beer, meat, acids, hot drinks, fats.

16 - () Vertigo when rising suddenly from a chair or bed or bending over or descending stairs, looking at running water or cross a bridge,
traveling in a vehicle, moving or bending, with a tendency to fall forward, with the sensation as if the head is tilted to the right; dimming of vision, nausea, prostration and feeling of swing; walks like a drunk. Pressing headache front inside out, as if about to explode, better walking slowly and outdoors or hand pressure, worse after rising in the morning or descending stairs or sudden movements or after menstruation, with cold feet. Headache:
shooting night in his temples pounding in the left temple, left side with coryza, PMA, in the crown, as if you pull it
scalp occipital coughing, like a weight on the neck, with synchronous with the pulse beats, per write. Throbbing headache every 15 or 20 days, lasting 2 to 4 days, should be lying, with aversion to food or drink. The Headache for a nosebleed. Congestion of the head, with waves of blood to Ca head, dilated veins, hot, throbbing like hammer blows,
red face and head sensitivity to touch, worse after midnight and dawn, better from external pressure; reappears periodically, for suppression of menstruation. Head hot with cold feet. Confusion, dizziness, heaviness of eyelids, while sitting reading. Headaches in anemic, debilitated. Hydrocephalus with open fontanelles and wide anemia. Hair loss and pain when touched very sensitive scalp (the hair should be left hanging).

17 - () At night you see in the dark. See the lyrics run to read or write.
Amaurosis. Go dark. Ojeras blue. Cloudy eyes with lacrimation, inflamed, bloodshot, burn and itch. Styes. Eyelids red and swollen. He can barely open my eyes. Protruding eyes, exophthalmos.
Hypersensitivity to sounds 18. Ringing noise in ears. Breath noise in the left jugular vein. Stitches in the ears of tomorrow. Buzzing best head on the table after menstruation.

19 - () dilation of the nostrils as you breathe. Epistaxis in anemic children with frequent changes of color of the face, worse on stooping morning, alternating with hemoptysis. Nose always full of clots. Nasal catarrh
backward. Bloody nasal discharge or pus, scabs. Nasal mucosa

20 - () In the face can be assessed objectively important characteristics of Ferrum. Abrupt alternation of extreme pallor and flushing of the face. The face, very pale, flushed suddenly the slightest emotion, pain or effort, with great weakness. Face pale with red patches or circumscribed redness, sometimes each cheek. Pale face: during menstruation, after the pain during menstruation pale lips or menstrual suppression. Face ashen, earthy, green, sallow, yellowish, especially with fever, sickly color. Face red, bright red, hot, no fever, or during the chill and fever, during cough and headache, for wine, red and cold. Children with very red face.
Feel the puffy face, puffy edema, especially in the eyelids.
Flushes. Dilated veins. Face pale and cold to sleep, red hot by the slightest movement. Facial neuralgia by washing with cold water or overheating; worse lying down, better sitting up, with intense flushing during the paroxysms (sometimes in one spot) and paleness in the intervals, can not have your head still.

21 - () pale gums, or swollen and bleeding. Toothache of tomorrow, better by cold water. Disorders dentition. Dentition slow. Taste: rotten eggs, sweet or bitter, earthy, putrid, everything is insipid. Pale oral mucosa. Dry mouth tomorrow.

22 - () sense of constriction in the throat a bit or piece of something on the left side, worse empty swallowing. Pressing pain in throat, worse on swallowing, with heat. Exophthalmic goitre, especially in menstrual suppression.

23 - () Canine hunger, alternating with anorexia. Satiety easy. Insatiable thirst or absent. Belching or spitting up after eating, spitting mouthfuls ilimentos to no nausea, emptying the stomach, and this is repeated each time you eat. His stomach looks like a leather bag that does not digest. He can not eat or drink anything hot. Spasmodic pressure in the stomach by food or drink, or heat and nausea. Vomiting soon after midnight, or right after eating (abruptly leaves the table and ate vomits everything; can sit back and eat again) or breakfast; by eating eggs food, undigested acid; by coughing ; to move, in pregnancy, before or during the chills and fever in malaria retch. Children vomit. Vomiting with very red face. Regurgitation bitter to eat fat. Hematemesis. Burning. Pounding in the epigastrium, which is sensitive to pressure and touch.

24 - () Liver large, sensitive to touch and pressure, worse lying on side.
Large spleen, sore. Chronic conditions of liver and spleen. Cramps in the area around the spleen and stomach as well as in abdominal muscles, which are contractures, physical exertion and worse from stooping, so that should stand up slowly. Abdominal pain, as if beaten, to touch, walking and coughing, local heat better. Heaviness in hypogastrium walking, as if to drop the viscera. Flatulent colic at night, borboriginos.

25 - () frequent diarrhea, especially at night, never painful, with much flatulence, worse during or after eating or drinking, cold drinks, by motion, for fruit. Watery stools with undigested food (China)
worse at night, bell-shaped heat waves and great weakness. Diarrhea:
sharp, worse morning, sometimes involuntary jet; acre (with burning anal), chronic, in children, during dentition, worse in summer: in tuberculosis, in pregnancy, rice-water stools, cold, sweats cold; mucosanguinolentas feces. Chronic constipation with frequent, inefficient and hard stools, followed by painful contraction of the rectum and back pain. Rectal prolapse, especially in children. Helminthiasis: roundworms, tapeworms, anal itching at night. Very outgoing hemorrhoids, bleeding, painful, or moisture fetida.

26 - () Nocturnal enuresis, urine is walking or coughing. Bladder pain; continuous urination, pains in the kidneys, chest and liver.
Tingling in urethra spread to the bladder. Urine: with strong ammonia odor, stains linen dark with yellowish sediment adherent clear, red, bloody; alkaline hot, with albumen. Diabetes.

27 - () Impotence. Sexual desire increased, with frequent erections and pollutions. Chronic gonorrhea with milky or mucus secretion.

28 - () Menses, early, heavy, prolonged, with very red face and ringing in the ears, sometimes blood settles, some black and clotted with pain in sacrum and belly like childbirth, worse from least motion . Menses pale, watery, debilitating intermittent cease and then reappear. Consecutive disorders menorrhagia or metrorrhagia very abundant; anemia. Metrorrhagia dark, clotted, red face and swollen veins, in menopause, during and after delivery, passive. Amenorrhea hon vicartantes bleeding (epistaxis, hemoptysis) with red face and weakness. Vagina very dry, this insensitive during intercourse (no orgasm) or is very painful. Prolapse of vagina and uterus. Vulvar pruritus. Milky flow; acre, instead of or before menses. Indurations in the vagina. Gonorrhea. Ascaris in the vulva. Sterility. Avoid abortion.

29 - () Hoarseness in throat aspera. Breathing: hot oppressed; short.
Dyspnoea and oppression as if someone pressed with one hand. Shortness of breath at the end of cough, can not inspire. Asthma from 10 to 11 or midnight or night, must sit, stand and walk slowly, talking and discovering the chest constantly reading or writing better, moving better, worse still, sitting or lying, but evening, with anxiety in the epigastrium. Pneumonia, senile. Cough: tickling in the larynx or trachea, to move or walk, spasmodic, worse after eating, vomiting everything he eats, after drinking, worse in the morning or the evening till midnight, better lying down; dry or wet, for abuse tea, snuff, alcoholic beverages, for efforts; to talk. Pertussis, better eating a bit, but vomiting on each access, with great pallor and weakness. Expectoration: Copious, purulent, putrid, greenish, foamy, blood-streaked. Hemoptysis: In tuberculosis, for effort, for fluid loss, vicarious in amenorrhoea; of bright red blood with clots, better walking slowly. Chest pains
and occiput on coughing. Constriction and spasms in the chest, worse from moving and walking; stitches and sore; extended to the shoulder blades. Congestion in the chest with palpitations, cold hands and feet and weakness. Pulmonary tuberculosis in people ruddy, florid aspect.

30 - () Palpitation: with fear, by loss of fluids; in anemic; by the
slight movement, or must move or walk, although slowly, which makes it better, worse sitting, lying or standing. Heart diseases, hypertrophy, fatty degeneration of the heart, heart with false plethora erethism. Anemic murmurs in the heart and veins. Corazon slow, which is greatly accelerated by the slightest movement or evening. Pulse soft, very depressing, filled, or small, weak, intermittent.

31 - () Stiffness in the muscles of the neck, with pain when moving or lying in the
right side. Back pain between the shoulders, worse at night, better from gentle motion. Pain in the shoulder blades to move his arms. Low back pain at night, getting up and walking away slowly. Pain in the region failure with albuminuria and edema.

32 - () Shoulder pain in the deltoid muscle, worse on the left,
rheumatic, with paralytic heaviness, worse in bed (get up and walk slowly), worse at rest, at night, by raising the arm to the head or pulled back or separating the side of the body, better for slow movements. Cracking in the shoulder. Punctures night in the arms. Irresistible desire to bend the arm (elbow), with pain, you have to get out of bed at 2 hours. Hand tremor when writing. Hands cold, stiff, numb, hot palms, cramps in the fingers, rigid and asleep.
Violent pains in the hip joint, worse at night, better Devante and walking slowly, extended to the tibia. The thighs are sleeping and are weak, as if paralyzed. Great weakness in the knees and legs, worse on walking, better if you do slowly. Veins in the legs, thighs and feet during pregnancy in the legs. Edema in legs, feet and joints. Cramps in the calves (at night in bed), soles and fingers painful. Plant your feet warm. Heel pain. Cold feet, rigid, asleep. Restlessness in the limbs. Cracking joints. Spasms day.

33 - () Drowsiness, with restless sleep at night, or insomnia. Poor sleep before midnight, with alarm, get up and walk. You can only lie back, your side can not sleep. The child does not sleep through the itch to produce parasites. He sleeps with his eyes half open.
Unpleasant dreams, vivid, that in war, which falls into the water.

34 - () Shuddering short, of late, with cold all night, in bed with thirst and headaches. Severe chills, with thirst and red-faced after noon, at night, at 3 hours (waking), in bed, when uncovered. Malaria. Heat with a tendency to uncover. Fever with congestion of the head, face red, swollen eyelids and veins, vomiting, dyspnea and weakness, without thirst. Copious sweat, worse at night in bed, worse after midnight, by anxiety, by the slightest movement sleep; the morning in bed during the day to move, strong-smelling, sticky, debilitating periods.
Chronic intermittent fever, prolonged. Puerperal fever.

35 - () Dry, pale, yellowish brown dirty, sallow, wrinkled, flaccid. Yellow brown spots sensitive to touch, dark spots, "hepatic" which become inflamed and ooze. Black or dark purple.
Yellowish spots. Freckles. Burning pain scalding to the touch.
Scarlet to peel. Dilated cutaneous veins. Ulcers pale, edematous. Warts on the fingers and back of hands.

China Alumina Haramelis.

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