Ferrum mur (bichloride of iron). Homeopathy

Ferrum Muriaticum
(Perchloride Iron)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ferrum Muriaticum
1 Talkative. Depressed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ferrum Muriaticum
2 - () Right side (headache, facial neuralgia, rheumatism of the shoulder,
3 - () Worse for eating (except the cough), by eating eggs for fats, by motion; by pressure, from morning to night.
4 - () Bleeding thick black blood. Anemia (3rd X). Effects of trauma. Weakness and restlessness. Thinning.
Desire and aversion of Ferrum Muriaticum
5 - () Desire for acids. Aversion to meat and acids.
Ferrum Muriaticum SPECIFIC
6 - () Vertigo with hypertrophy of the spleen. Headache with ascariasis; occipital to
cough. Severe headache on the right side of the head.
7 - () shot eyes. Edges of lids red. Nasal itching (in ascariasis). There are always coagulated blood in the nose. Face pale with red patches on the cheeks. Face swollen and livid.
8 - () Dry mouth. Solid foods seem dry and tasteless. The oral mucosa appears burned. Tongue coated; swollen and outgoing. Burning and constriction in the throat. Acute angina. Diphtheria.
9 - () No appetite, excessive thirst or no thirst. Belching acids, fatty food bitter. Vomiting after eating, especially eggs. Gastralgias.
10 - () Intense pain in left hypochondrium, sometimes at night.
Enlarged spleen, with pain on pressure. Contracture of the abdominal muscles, worse on stooping; should stand up slowly. Pain along the colon, worse from pressure and movement. Pain and swelling above the pubic bone.
11 - () Ascariasis: with hemorrhoids, anal and nasal itching, enuresis, headache, nervousness, and cough with retching. Diarrhea chronic with anorexia and rapid weight loss, debilitating and fetida, with pains in the limbs. Dysentery with pain, tenesmus and bloody stools and membranous, filamentous. Stool copious, dark as ink. Obstinate constipation.
12 - () Diabetes. Chronic cystitis. Hematuria, urethra or kidney.
Phosphaturia. Enuresis. Polyuria during puberty. Chronic interstitial nephritis.
Pyelitis. Hypertrophy of the prostate. Nocturnal emissions.
13 - () Cutting in the vagina during intercourse is not orgasm. Aversion * l intercourse or decreased desire. Amenorrhea. Metrorrhagia. Dysmenorrhea.
14 - () Bronchitis. Rattling breathing, very loud, like snoring, sitting; imminent suffocation. Spasmodic cough in the morning, with expectoration mucus better eating a snack. Dry cough that ends in an archway. Stitch and pains in the chest and coughing occiput. Pleurisy with stitches. Hemoptysis dark clotted blood. Heart diseases with dyspnea on least exertion, pain in the tip, tumultuous heartbeats, pulse filiforrne, sometimes double or intermittent.
15 - () Weakness in limbs lying prone. Sudden cramps day. Acute rheumatism of right shoulder joint, with tearing pains that prevent any movement or Lift up the arm, worse at night, he does get out of bed and walking slowly, improving pain, pain extended to the collarbone, arm and elbow. Pain in that shoulder injury. Cramps in calves at night in bed. Large and deep ulcers, with hard black center, in the calf. Edematous foot with pain to start walking.
Hot 16 alternating with heat. Fever with a tendency to uncover. Cold sweats with the cramps. Strong-smelling night sweats.
17 Phagedenic ulcers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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