Ferrum phos (iron phosphate). Homeopathy

Ferrum Phosphoricum
(White Iron Phosphate, Ferric Phosphate Ferrous)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ferrum Phosphoricum
1 Very talkative and excited, laughs easily. Excitation light during fever. Anxiety at night. Manaco delirium. Delirium tremens. Ailments from anger.
2 You can not concentrate. Decreased memory for names, facts, etc.., And irritated by his mental heaviness. Inability to find the right word to express themselves.
3 Depression mental and physical. Drowsiness with large flow of ideas, changing abruptly from pleasant to unpleasant. Loss of courage and hope, better after sleep. Any smallness seems a mountain. Indifference.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ferrum Phosphoricum
4 - () Its main use is in all hyper or congestive disorders that are accompanied by pain, heat, redness and swelling, tachycardia, ie, in inflammation and acute febrile disturbances in the beginning in its first stage, especially before the appearance of any exudate or suppuration, especially catarrhal respirator. In these cases, appears to be midway between Aconite and Belladonna intensity and heaviness or numbness of Gelsemium, administered systemically, the 6 X shredding, is very useful when it comes the endorsement of another drug.
5 - () Hyperemia simple, active, relaxation of muscle fibers of blood vessels, with a tendency to bleed bright red blood, which occur especially in those pa lidas, anemic, with sharp local congestions, and the false plethora and easy flushing of Ferrum.
In recent traumatic injuries, sprains, bruises, etc.., Improves local hyperemia. Edema for loss of body fluids. Anemia: given the 3 X, increases hemoglobin (Boericke). Leukemia.
6 - () Violent pains, acute, coming in fits, with congestion or local inflammation, with anxiety worse by movement, the excitement and warmth, better by cold and slow movements, ranging from below.
7 - () Worse: at night, especially from 4 to 6 hours; by motion; by touch, by the shaking and noise, for hot drinks, for lunch, for meat, herring, coffee, tea, cakes. Abolition of sweating disorders. Takes cold easily. Better: for applications and cold drinks, from cold, at rest, for smooth movements.
8 - () Right side.
9 - () Great physical and mental prostration. Aversion to physical effort. In young people with varicose veins. In elderly. In frail children with anorexia, numbness, loss of strength and weight. Great emaciation. Seizure with fever in teething.
Desire and aversion of Ferrum Phosphoricum
10 Desire for stimulants, Cognac. Aversion to meat and milk.
Ferrum Phosphoricum SPECIFIC
11 - () Dizziness by congestion of the head, feels as if he suddenly pushed her head forward as if about to fall, everything is spinning, worse on closing eyes or looking down. Pounding headache in the forehead and temples, worse on the right, then left, afraid of an apoplectic attack, followed and relieved by epistaxis. Congestive headache, with hot head, face red and hot, heat waves and heartbeat, vomiting, worse at 17 hours, better by cold applications, air fro and lying.
Soreness in the scalp can not bear to touch her hair. First stage in the eruptions of the head. Right supraorbital neuralgia, worse in morning, as if you drive a nail. Unbearable headache on vertex during menstruation. Vertex sensitive to air fro, shaking and noise.
Stitches in the left temporal region, inside out. Rush of blood to the head, with vertigo. Violent throbbing in the occiput. Stooping, sharp pain in his head back and forth. Meningitis. Complaints from sunstroke. It is the principal remedy in headaches in children, with throbbing sensation, red face and bloodshot eyes. Congestion headaches during menstruation, with heat in the face and head.
12 - () Eyes swollen, red, sore, with burning; with etiniana congestion. Sensation of sand under the eyelids. Stooping, it seems that all the blood goes to the eyes and not see. Conjunctivitis with photophobia; traumatic during dentition. Styes; chalazin. Right hemianopia.
Retinitis. Eye pain, worse on moving.
13 - () pain with redness and swelling of the ears. First stage of acute otitis media, with radiating pain, throbbing and red eardrum. According to Boger, is the best remedy in earache, sore pressed tiles, burning or stinging; from cold or damp. Noises in the ears, or ringing doorbells for hypertensin pressure. Hearing loss. Mastoiditis. Departing red, painful and swollen.
14 - () is very useful in the first stage of all colds and the predisposition to take cold. Congestion of the nasal mucosa, with burning on inspiration, but the right side, with bloody cold. Epistaxis of morning, on blowing, coughing, especially in children, bright red blood, improves the headache. Erysipelas nose.
15 - () pale, ashen, sallow, or florid, red (for fever), hot pale lips. Right facial neuralgia, tic douloureux congestive or inflammatory. Acne on the forehead and chin. Dark circles.
16 - () Toothache by eating, by external heat, hot drinks, worse from touch or pressure, better from cold and cold water in the mouth.
Feel elongated teeth. Disorders teething, with fever. Hot and red gums. Tongue swollen, dark red.
17 - () Sore throat, red, dry and very painful, worse when swallowing. Ulcers in the throat. First stage of diphtheria, first right, then left. Pharyngeal abscess. Acute tonsillitis. Feeling of constriction.
Acute catarrhal eustachian tubes. Sore throat of singers and speakers. Despus Operations on the nose and throat, to control bleeding and relieve pain.
18 - () Great thirst for a lot of water at a time. Poor appetite. Nausea. Vomiting immediately despus food to eat, undigested or very acidic, greenish bright red blood, in unusual time, sometimes I wake up, before breakfast, with the pain, with fever, after eating, with nausea.
Gastritis. Gastralgias worse after eating and by pressure, touch cordis in children. Indigestion. Belching acids, acids.
19 distention in the hypochondria. Sensation of stomach hard, at various sites. Liver and spleen. Intolerance of tight clothing in the abdomen and thorax. Swollen or strangulated hernia. Colic before stool.
20 - () First European Atomic Energy of cholera and dysentery. Habitual constipation with heat in the hypogastric, prolapse and hemorrhoids. Diarrhea in the child during the summer, worse from midnight until morning, painless, evening or morning. Swollen or bleeding hemorrhoids. Helminthiasis. Rectal prolapse. Flatus hot.
21 - () Frequent desire to urinate, urgent, with pain in the bladder neck and tip of the penis, urinate right away and get better, worse off.
First stage of cystitis, heat, pain and fever. Nocturnal Enuress sphincter weakness. Urinating when coughing. Diabetes, when there is tachycardia and congestion or inflammation. Suppression of urine with fever in young children. Haematuria, especially in the latter part of micturition
(Hep), hemorrhage of the bladder or urethra. Pain in the kidneys. Urinary symptoms worse off, better after urinating. Great polyuria. Urine that smells coffee with milk.
22 - () First stage of gonorrhea, orchitis and epididymitis. Absent sexual desire. Pollutions. Varicocele in pain. Buboes.
23 - () Sense of bearing down in the uterus, pain in the ovaries.
Vaginisnio; not condone or gynecological examination. Decreased sexual desire.
Vagina dry. Dysmenorrhea with red face and tachycardia. Menses: every three weeks, pale in the first half, with headaches. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, headaches, incontinence of urine when coughing, running or walking.
First stage of mastitis. Wrongs.
24 - () First stage of all inflammatory acute febrile
or not, respiratory tract: rhinitis, laryngitis, traquetis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy. Bronchitis in children. Hoarseness: singers or speakers, overuse of voice, pain, dryness, burning and iirritacion in larynx greenish mucus coughed up into chunks. "It is the first major remedy for the stitches in the side of the chest (over the right) that are breathtaking, with dyspnea and cough" (Boericke); worse by coughing and deep inspiration. Cough: dry, spasmodic, painful, tormented by touching larynx, worse in open air, lying and night, from tickling in larynx or trachea, with the sound of mucus in the chest.
False croup. Whooping cough with retching and vomiting, to begin with. Tuberculosis prilmonar in its first stage, with flowers. Hemptisis: trauma or falls, in tuberculosis, with dyspnea and fever, cough pure blood in the pneumonic (Millef.). Low blood-streaked expectoration. Chest colds in children. Pulmonary congestion.
25 - () at the initial stage or failure of the endo and pericarditis, and arteritis, phlebitis and lymphangitis. Enlarged heart or blood vessels, telangiectasias, nevi. Palpitation at night with anxiety and fullness in the chest. Pulse full, soft, fast, especially with fever. Varices.
Chest pain, sometimes extended to the left side of the back.
26 - () Cracking in the neck and back. Acute articular rheumatism, erratic, articulacin attacking one after another, with joint swelling but little redness, worse from slightest movement, with high fever. Troneantes pains in right arm and shoulder, worse from strong motion, better from gentle motion, with hand motionless, helpless. Acute rheumatism in the shoulder joint and deltoid rights, red, swollen and painful.
Swollen with a sprained elbow. Painful grimaces, unable to grasp things. Palms hot in children. Finger twitching from rheumatism. Hands swollen and painful. Knee pain that spreads to other joints, shoulder (with Ferrum Phos., Does the reverse route aasta healing). Constrictive pain in the lower third of the walking legs. Terrible pain in the feet and ankles that makes it scream. Sinovtis acute. Felon, at first. Sciatica.
27 sleeps with his eyes half open. Restless sleep with anxious dreams.
Sounds to fight, suddenly changing, talking happily with another person.
28 - () The first newspaper of iniciacino or any fever, inflammatory or catarrhal (see 4). Typhoid. Scarlet fever. Sarampin hemorrhagic.
Chills to 13 hours daily. High fever. Intermittent fever with vomiting. Hot, dry skin. Copious night sweats that do not help; viscous.
29 - () Hyperemia of the skin with burning capillary congestion worse by exercise and heat. Abscesses and carbuncles at the beginning. Varicella. Erispelas. Acne. Ulcers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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