Ferrum sulph (iron sulfate). Homeopathy

(Iron Sulfate)
1 Worse: heat or warm room. Better: for the fresh air. Frio
2 - () pallor or blushing. General feeling of warmth with a tendency to sweat, and back as if wearing a thick wool shirt. Sensation as if all the blood rise within the head and face. Tendency to congestion. Venous bruits accentuated.
3 pain and muscle contractions. Korea. Thinning.
Desire and aversion of Ferrum SULPHURICUM
4 Aversion to meat.
5 Vertigo severe diarrhea. Pressive frontal headache, throbbing, ringing in the ears with waves of blood to the head and face, and fiery scarlet gets worse in a warm room, better in open air and fresh.
6 - () Toothache violent teeth, better by applying ice or cold air on the cheek. Soreness of the soft palate. Taste of salt. Burning in the throat. Basedow's disease.
7 Bulimia can not be satisfied, or anorexia. Burping with acid; vomiting.
Felt in the epigastrium noise or movement like a cat ronruneo.
Heartburn. Gastritis despus pain eating and spitting mouthfuls of food.
8 - () Pain in the gallbladder. Colicos. Painless diarrhea and odorless, watery stools, brownish red. Constipation. Helminthiasis; ascariasis, pinworm.
9 with alburninuria Bloody urine. Edema of the scrotum and lower limbs. Gonorrhea.
10 - () Menses copious, with cramping. Metrorrhagia. Flow.
Members very sore, especially feet and calves. Twitching in arms, hands and feet. Flexion of the upper limb at the elbow and face. Hands on extension forced at times. Rheumatism and paresis in the arm and hombroderechos. Paralysis of lower limbs. Knees slightly bent, toes up, RGID. Pain in the sole of the foot.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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