Flavus. Homeopathy

(Neisseria Pharingis Flava:
Aerobic Bacteria Saprfita of Upper Respiratory Vas the Man)
1 - () Sensitive to the emotions and disappointments. He exaggerates the difficulties.
2 - () Worse from cold, heat, in the morning on waking at night;
from drinking wine. Best in spring and autumn, for hot baths.
3 lateral left.
Heat Waves 4 worse at night.
5 - () periorbital headaches, worse on the right.
Eyestrain 6, with bloodshot eyes in the afternoon. Eyelids swollen and heavy in the morning on waking.
Frequent Otitis 7. Right otalgia.
8 - () Nose dry with dry scabs. Epistaxis of morning awakening. Nasal discharge green or yellow pus. Nasal congestion at night, with obstruction of one side and opening the other, the better to blow the morning.
Sneezing easy. Frequent colds. Pain in the sinuses ymaxilares. Espasmdico coryza.
9 - () Chronic teeth tooth fnviles. Postprandial indigestion and nausea, worse from drinking wine.
10 - () Angina wet feet. Sensation of feather in throat.
11 - () Irregular menses, early, pale, or delayed, with premenstrual syndrome. Blood loss with ovulation.
12 feeling of having sand in the larynx after much talk, or tingling on the right. Athos. Cough in morning on waking. Expectoration.
Dyspnea at 2, that wakes.
13 Palpitations at night, feeling of fever, worse for wine.
14 Osteoarthritis of the cervical spine cracks. Back pain radiating to the arms.
Tremors in fingers 15. Arthralgia with creaking joints, knees, grimacing, fingers and shoulders. Pain in the left arm. Left sciatica. Sweaty palms.
16 Ecchymosis frequent the slightest touch.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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