Fluoric acid. Homeopathy

(Hydrofluoric acid)

1 - () Feelings of indifference to loved ones, their presence does not object, but not interested or talk to them, though, if they are friends or strangers, may bring with them a lively conversation. Indifference may reach a clear aversion to her own family, parents, children, friends, wife (Sepia, in women), men who need to change constantly as a woman, rakes). Indifference to their occupations.

2 - () Marked loss of memory, forgetting almost everything, their occupations, dates, names, what you just think, is wrong to say "right" to "left" and vice versa, to say words; when writing, in time, in the localities. Mental weakness.

3 - () Very anxious, better tomorrow. Sense of danger that threatened him, without fear, as if something terrible were to happen. Fear of dying, to the stroke.

4 - () Very depressed. Quietly in the corner. Mental exhaustion occupations or businesses. Excessive moodiness and unhappiness, followed by indifference and then by an unusual happy, too hilarity, everything is good, satisfactory, and it s very satisfied.

5 visual and auditory hypersensitivity (worst morning).

6 - () The procedures are very characteristic, but the main one is undoubtedly its aggravation by extreme temperatures, especially heat, which stifles. Worse, by hot air and hot applications or wrappers, in a warm room; of tomorrow, from drinking tea or coffee, for cold and wet weather, for wine, especially red wine, for the movement. Want outdoors.
Best: For applications or cold vapors; by washing with water fia; walking outdoors (there is an irresistible desire to walk outdoors, and never tires) leaning back symptoms seem to go up and down.

7 - () Disorders of the bones, especially of long bones, better from cold (Silica by warmth). Caries and necrosis seas, especially in long bones, in psoric or syphilitic patients or abuse of mercury, with expulsion of kidnappings and irritating secretion of pus, and excoriarte fetid periodic aggravations and improvements, with nighttime pain and great prostration. Trend fractures not consolidated. Acute suppuration. Felon. Fistulas you with intense itching in the hole: the ears (mastoid), nose (Ozen), dental, lacrimal; annals. Exstosis with nighttime pain. Pain and swelling of bone: osteitis and periostitis.

8 - () long-standing varicose veins, especially in the legs; in multparas. Nevus flat; in children (right temple). Varicose ulcers, better by cold. Aneurysms capillaries. Varicose veins predominate in the lower limbs are painful, worse from heat.

9 - () has an increased capacity for activity, (better for physical effort) without fatigue.
Sense of place or, conversely, there may be great pain and prostration with loss of strength. Smooth muscle, skinny. Thinning. Useful in disorders of aging and premature aging. Syphilis. Weak constitutions with sallow skin and thinning.

10 - () Itching or tingling in body orifices, especially in the anus, and the fistulas and ulcers worse by heat. Sharp pains, burning, violent, appearing as a bolt from small and limited areas.
Desire and aversion of Fluoric acid

11 United wish to spicy foods, spicy, soft drinks, cold water, wine. Aversion to coffee.

12 - () Congestion front. Vertigo with nausea. Pressure occipital as dazed headache fully. Feel like you're in an earthquake.
Front asleep. Pressing pain in temples, inside out. Pain in the cranial sutures, worse behind the ears; to 15 hours. Heaviness of the eyes, nausea, worse from motion. Congestive headaches, better by copious urination. Cranial exostosis. Caries're in temples, with purulent discharge periodic offensive. Itching of the head bald. Each hair, especially after a typhoid hair gets dry, dull, breaks and falls. Alopecia areata. You should comb or brush hair often because it attaches to the ends (escrow polnica). Cradle cap, dry, flaky, itchy. Squamous eruptions of the scalp eczema.
No growth of the whole left side of the head.

13 - () Violent itching in the corners of the eyes. Sensation of a cold wind blowing beneath the eyelids, in a warm room.
Sensation of sand in the eyes, with constant flickering. Pressure behind the right eye. Tearing. Lacrimal fistula, with itching. Burning eyes.
Ophthalmia bevel.

14 - () Hearing loss, especially for the human voice, better wearing the head back, with rheumatism; with rings in their ears and numbness in the bones around the ear. Listen as songs or ring tones. Intolerable itching in both ears, the better for scratching, but followed by burning. Otorrhea. Caries of middle ear ossicles and mastoid. Otitis externa.

15 fluent coryza. Chronic nasal catarrh with ulceration of septum.
Chronic obstruction of the nose. Feel expanded nares, walking.
Red nose, swollen, inflamed.

Facial pallor 16. Face hot, you need to wash it with cold water, for wine. Tubercles on the face, oozing; child syphilis. Sweating. Crusta lactea dry, scaly, very itchy. Eczema. Exostoses in the bones of the face. Swollen right jaw, jaw necrosis.

17 - () Teeth feel warm, heavy, sensitive. Fast dental caries, premature children. Teeth black, dark; break. Fistulas teeth: the root of the tooth, with ugly taste, acrid, violent pain at the root of the canine, with discharge of pus. Toothache worse from cold drinks better until the water warms. The teeth appear late in children, takes out the wisdom teeth. Sialorrhea worse tomorrow.
Tongue fissures or cracks are wide and deep in all directions with fagednica ulcer in the middle or below, painful syphilitic. Sensation of stiffness, tingling and numbness in the tongue is very red tip and edges, yellow in the middle, or white and dry. Mouth and teeth covered with black slime.

18 - () goiter. Throat very sensitive to the slightest cold, pain and swallowing difficult. Constriction with dysphagia. Hoarseness in the morning, with bloody phlegm. Tonsils, uvula and soft palate very red and swollen, red patches that bleed easily. Chronic pharyngitis with drooling, especially in syphilitic. Syphilitic affections on tongue and throat. Sore throat worse when swallowing or speaking. Ulceration of the uvula and fauces; syphilitic.

19 - () Great appetite, always hungry, or anorexia. Satiety r request. Sed.
Frequent belching; with flatus, with No nausea. Heaviness, pressure and fullness in the epigastrium, between meals, heat in the stomach before eating. Derangements bilious vomiting for food, with diarrhea. Burning with belching foul. Chronic gastritis.

20 - () right upper quadrant pressure sensitive. Pinching and pressure in the region of the spleen. Vaco sensation in the umbilical region, with a desire to breathe deeply; better by fajarse or wear the clothes. Ascites from hard and hypertrophied liver; vhisky drinking. Liver cirrhosis. Great tension and swelling in the belly.

21 - () with frequent belching and flatus anal constriction. Stool soft morning and evening, worse coffee, with protrusion of hemorrhoids, foul-smelling, yellow brown, with tenesmus and anal prolapse, watery stools in the morning, after rising. Bilious diarrhea, worse than da, drinking hot drinks immediately. Constipation with hard stool, with large hemorrhoids with bleeding after stool. Anal and rectal itching; peri anal.

22 Copious urination of clear urine, which makes it better (the results in edema), with thirst, no urine immediately, there is pain in the vertex or temples. Urine scanty and dark alkaline with sediment color white or purple. Burning urethra before and after urination, with pain in the bladder.

23 - () Satyriasis. Increased sexual desire in older people, violent nocturnal erections, that keep you awake all night. Intense sexual desire. Cumshot tarda. Excessively intense orgasm during intercourse. Sudden loss of sexual power; impotence. Sensation of fullness in espermeticos cords, penis and scrotum. Urethral discharge, yellow, chronic; drop morning, stains linen yellow; gonorrhea. Edema, penis and scrotum, with the S-shaped penis, foreskin very edematous.
Hydrocele. Sweats in the genitals, pricking, or oily smell.

24 - () Nymphomania. Menses too early, frequent and copious, thick blood, dark and clotted. Obstinate cases of ulcers of the cervix, with lightning pains. Flow acrid, excoriating, with itching. Nipples very red, sore and chapped, the right swell and itch.

25 - () Itching in the larynx, which makes swallowing and hawking. Dyspnea afternoon and night out of bed. Wheezing. Oppression best laid back. Frequent cough, short, dry, sometimes white or bloody expectoration. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Hydrothorax. Chest pain. Scaly rash on the chest.

26 - () Stiffness in the neck, with pain that goes to the crown. Pains in the third cervical. Pains in the sacrum, as if beaten, more stretching, leaning back or by pressure. Coccygodynia. Extended cervical heat up, worst of 19 to 20 hours.

27 - () Pain in the joint of the right shoulder, with stiffness, for rheumatism, the pain spreads to the fingers, like turning air downward. Blennorrhagica home rheumatic pains in shoulders and arms, in the right arm. Tremors in the right biceps and triceps. Hands numb and weak, and worse to the left of tomorrow. Heat, sweating and flushing in the palms, burning hands. Pain in the left index, such as bone, worse in the evening. Felon. Finger pricks like needles. Some grow very quickly; deformed, fragile, striated, longitudinal elevations. Bone sensation under one. Acute pain at the root of one of the right thumb. Stitches in the right hip bone.
Coxalgia. Edema in the legs that lead up to the belly. The left leg falls asleep easily. Veins in the lower limbs in the legs, with tendency to ulcerate, painful, worse from heat. Synovitis of the knee, msa right, with much pain and swelling. Edema of the dorsum of the foot. Conical foot ulceration. Stitches burning on the soles of the feet. Feet burning, hot, sweaty, the uncovered (Sulph.). Cracks between the toes. Painful corns.

28 Insomnia, it only takes a short sleep. Takes to fall asleep, with great flow of thoughts. Drowsiness.

29 - () Fever, nauseated by the slightest movement, tendency to uncover and wash with cold water, which makes it better. Sweat sour, sticky, heavy, ms in the upper body for efforts. The sweat produced abrasions. Best when you sweat. Sequels of typhoid fever.

30 - () The old scars become red around the edges, covered or surrounded by intensely itchy vesicles and threaten open sore (Graph.). Painful ulcers worse from heat, better from cold, with copious secretion, red edges and vesicles around. Pressure ulcers.
Varicose ulcers. Grayish-white skin. Burning pains in small plates.
Sense of hot steam coming out of the pores. Red, raised plaques.
Itching. Tubers. Dry, scaly eruptions. Vesicles with blood, red, smelly, like wart, itch. Trend of the skin to harden.

Coca Syphillinum Silica. This medicine is a hot-blooded Silica, with continued improvement, movement, and looks happy instead of looking tired Silicea rates.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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