Food acids. Consequences

As we talk about and we know that acid rain kills forests and species, we think that acidification also affects us. The cause of a host of sequels is a total hiperacidificacion the human body. We speak of the pH value. Body fluids should be slightly alkaline, at 7.4. So we will be healthy. But the reality is very different because what we find is that the interior of the body fluids, especially blood, is below its value, that is slightly acid in 70% of people. This change may seem slight or too subtle, is extremely serious.

The activity center is the stomach. Parietal cells produce hydrochloric acid, which remains in the stomach as the strongest acid. Besides baking soda, which goes into the blood as the strongest base.

The bases are needed to neutralize acids and to the functioning of the organs. These bases are adequately supplied with food and liquids. If it does not, we will have an excess of acidifying components and structures will change and often causing us to lose our own molecules of tissues to offset this acidification. At the same time, through the excess food that react with acids or acidic, but acid is supplied. The poor functions of the stomach, intestine, glands, and so on., Increasing the imbalance. You can add as environmental influences, acid rain, pollution, drugs, snuff, polluted air, and of course the nutrition acidifier. Man dies from acid death.

Deposit retainer:
- Subepithelial connective tissue. Not only but also stores fat nutrients. The connective tissue intercellular communication is a lattice between capillaries and cells. If these tanks are filled with excess protein, especially albumin, good health is a thing of the past. This prevents the provision of storage cells and reflux. Congestion occurs painful and dangerous systems. The intermediate tissue tamponade has the effect that: the cells can no longer be fed. Fat cells can no longer move and renovate and remove their deposits, which defeats the dietary treatments.
Intercellular connective tissue throughout the body through

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