The food should be natural, whole, complete, pure and fresh

In this review of the laws of healing foods Bernard Jensen started by the first law.

1. The food should be natural, comprehensive, complete, pure and fresh.

Reason: while the food is closest to the natural, God-created state, the higher its nutritional value.

The food should be natural
As Jensen reminds us of our diet should consist of natural foods, ie, as nature or the Creator is presented. Understanding this is important. In nature there are trees that give us pizza. We see sausages hanging from the trees or out of the earth. What we observe is that nature provides us with fruits, vegetables, tree seeds, etc.. These should be our main food and not processed by us.

As he once said the same Jensen, "no food who manufactures the man who can overcome that God has created." In foods that God created all that we need.

Also in nature we observe that animals have to cook for food. I do not need to live. What about us? Did God or nature have been wrong with humans and we have made an omelette, a dish of lentils or a roast of sirloin? The kitchen is a delay and a waste of time. Please entiéndanos, not to say that no one could or should use the kitchen. Let us be reasonable, of course yes. But if you are sick stay away as possible from the kitchen and come to the raw food or natural as God created them.

The food should be whole
Natural foods are whole, are not refined, bleached or peeled, of course, are more nutritious. No need therefore to peel an apple or a pear. To benefit from the food to eat them whole grains. We do not mean to eat the banana peel or apricot bone, but that as far as possible milled refuse (sugar, refined flour and salt, etc.). Baldness, so maimed by the multinational food. Jensen reminds us that animals who were given denatured foods, peeled and refined sick because it suppressed the biochemicals and food and was not complete, as God created for us.

The food should be completely
Although closely related to the integral, but here we make an observation also very important. Nature only gives us the whole foods. For example, an orange does not make orange juice, oranges but complete. An olive tree produces olive oil, but olives. A corn is integral. The more complete the food we eat is more healthful and nutritious. So if we want to consume whole foods health.

Does this mean that we are against olive oil or orange juice? Of course not. Instead, they are juices which we can get an extra benefit. If in addition to our natural food, holistic, complete, add fruit or vegetables or organically grown oils first grip is like we are giving our body a "fertilizer" special or extra, allowing us to stay healthy. It would be natural nutritional supplements.

But think a little, imagine that you can only feed or olive oil or olive comprehensive how you live longer by taking olive oil, olives or complete? Undoubtedly taking the olives or olives, as these have some nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and fiber that olive oil does not possess. The same we say of other juices.

However, juices are exceptionally important when we are sick. Should be the main food we should consume to enable us to take certain nutrients, and wash or cleanse the body of the countless toxins responsible for our disease.

The food must be pure
Dr. Jensen with that wants to teach us that if we want to be healthy we should avoid the whole arsenal of chemicals that are added to foods: preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, pesticides, etc.., Etc. Remember that the use of these chemicals only benefits multinational food for their raw materials are not spoiling. We do not benefit at all, on the contrary are much of the problem of ever increasing number of allergic diseases and degenerative diseases that exist.
The food should be fresh

Here we can also make significant reflection. Again nature teaches us if we are a little observers. For fresh food should understand, the food is at its most optimal state of being consumed. That is, we eat fresh, live, freshly harvested, mature not foods that, however natural, comprehensive, inclusive, have already lost some of their nutrients because they are past, or for being immature, or collected ahead of time, or in a refrigerator for a week. In nature there are no refrigerators. In nature there are no cans. From the trees hang cans of mussels, etc. Wild animals do not need to live in a balanced ecosystem. Only us, we believe we are wiser than the rest of creation we've built tools (refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, canned) instead of helping us get closer to the natural food, distancing us from it.

As you have noted, the laws of Bernard Jensen on the healing power when we will go far in analyzing what to think. SaludBio Remember that we do not like extremism. We want to stay with the principles behind these laws. We need not Pharisees charging them with strict rules on food that we resent our existence. The comments we made about the first law should serve to remind one that best suits us. We all know that a well cooked dish can be an excellent source of nutrients and palatable. A refrigerator can save us much time we can devote to other things. But do not forget, if you want to be healthy, if you want to recover their health and who is going through an illness, your food should be natural, comprehensive, complete, pure and fresh.

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