Golden Flax seeds

Benefits of taking golden flaxseeds

Linum usitatisimum plant seeds, from the Linacea family contain resins and proteins,of which 30-40 % is oil made up of linseed oil and an abundant quantity of mucilage ( 6 % ) and a cyanogenetic glycoside named linamarine.

The difference between golden flax seeds and normal flax seeds
This variety has a high content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids ( cis linolenic and alpha linolenic ) which is much superior to normal flaxseeds.

These essential fatty acids are a part of the structural phospholipids of the membrane of the different and very varied cells in our human body. They are also the main elements of the prostaglandins 1 and 3 series, that maintain and regulate blood flow and the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Benefits of taking golden flax seed

  • Emollient and laxative function.
  • Diuretic.
  • Antiinflammatory gastrointestinal.
  • They relieve nephritis and cystitis.
  • Calms inflammation of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tract.

Instructions for taking flax seeds

  • They can be taken directly.
  • In maceration with 5 parts of water during 6 hours.
  • In the form of an infusion, taken with meals, lotions, enema or as a poultice as directed.
  • They can serve the purpose of food for diabetics for their scarce contents of glucides and high oil and protein percentage.

Flax seeds used as a laxative
A small spoonful of flaxseeds can be taken before going to bed and another one before eating.

Flax seeds used as cataplasms
Prepare a poultice with boiling water that can be applied like an ointment to tenderize boils and tumors or to soften a cough by applying it to the chest. Honey and sliced onion can be added to this.