Formica rufa. Homeopathy

Formica rufa
(Red Ant)
The formic acid content, such as destination of their major constituents in Formica Rufa (obtained by milling ants live) has, in practice, the same Features and indications. This acid has been considered by several authors as a powerful life-giving organic and as an essential element for normal health, and this content, especially in fruits and honey. Clarke indicated dissolving one part of formic acid in eleven of distilled water, and gave a spoonful of tea dissolved in a tablespoon of water, take one to two times per da, one hour before or two hours after a meal, "as a kind of medicinal food", "without interfering with any medications given at the same time."
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Formica rufa
1 Lack of memory, worst in the evening.
2 Indisposed, moody, anxious, apprehensive. Or unusually excited and very happy, very marked activity gives, but can not take anything, because this tired.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Formica rufa
3 - () Disorders caused by cold and damp, damp weather, by cold bathing. Great tendency to take cold.
4 - () wandering rheumatic pains, which appear abruptly, with agitation.
Pains worse from motion, better by pressure, with right predominance. Burning pains, worse from washing with cold water. Cutting pains.
Dolores going from left to right or vice versa.
5 - () has a marked influence against the formation of polyps.
6 - () Worse from cold and washed with cold water, before falling snow or a snowstorm, for motion; granted. Better: heat, by pressure, by friction, by combing; after midnight.
7 - () Right side.
8 - () Disorders heavy lifting. Contusions; dislocations.
Atrophy after injury.
9 Dropsy. Anasarca. Cachexia. Cancer.
10 Great prostration, weakness. Fainting. Spasms. Epilepsy. Earthquakes.
Korea. Strengthens the nervous tissue, nerves, brain.
SPECIFIC Formica rufa
11 - () headaches all day, with vertigo, worse after noon, best hair. Vertigo: everything seems to move back and forth, dimming of vision, better sitting. Fullness and numbness on his head. Frontal pain when coughing. Pain in the forehead and left temple, extending to occiput, with cutting extended to oodo. Headache with cracking in the left ear, followed by pain in the left temple and crown, with nausea.
Headache in the crown, which comes from the epigastrium. Headache: worse by drinking coffee, by standing up in bed, stooping and wash with cold water, with nausea and vomiting. Nervous headaches. Bursting bubble sensation in the forehead, running down the left side of the head. Feeling like lightning going up the body to the head. Apoplexy. The brain looks very heavy and large. Itching of the scalp. The hair stops shedding when combing. Contusions headaches.
12 - () left supraorbital pain with tenderness and cloudy vision. Eye pain on waking, better NDOS lava. Corneal ulcers.
Walleyes. Pterygium. Rheumatic and gouty affections of the eyes, and its aftermath. Rheumatic iritis. Shocks in the right upper eyelid. Poor Vision or cloudy.
13 - () Oye bells, buzzes, crackles. Hearing loss, deafness. Ear pain upon arising in the morning. Feel bloated around ll. Polyps.
14 - () nasal catarrh. Sneezing with coryza and obstruction. Nasal polyps.
15 Feel the whole left side of his face paralyzed.
16 morning sore throat, worse on the left side, with lots of mucus. Great thirst, but water has a bad taste, sweetish and insipid.
Nausea and vomiting, bitter, yellowish. Burning and gastric pain, with pressure at the cardia, oppression and weight.
17 - () Dull pain in region of spleen. Beaten sensation below the navel. Flatulence. Hardening of the mesenteric glands.
18 - () Diarrhea after meals or at any time of day or night, preceded by periumbilical pain with tenesmus. Painless diarrhea, fetida, almost putrid, on waking and after breakfast. Diarrhea in children.
White stools. Constipation with sensation of constriction anal. Pressure in the rectum at night in bed. Taeniasis.
19 - () bladder paralysis. Chronic nephritis. Urination, even at night, foul-smelling, with albmina and traces of blood. Pelonefritis. Colibacilurias.
Hidronefross. Has a strong diuretic effect, much to elimination of dissimilation products, especially urea.
20 - () prolonged erections after urinating in the morning. Cumshots scarce with incomplete erection during intercourse. Feeling that the genitals are asleep upstairs. Itching of the scrotum.
21 - () Menses scanty and pale with pain bearing down on the third day back, but the fourth diaa dark, pain to the hips and pelvis. Menses advanced. Lack of milk in nursing women.
22 - () Hoarseness with sore throat. Prolonged cough, worse at night and motion, with frontal headache and pain in the chest constricting. Violent attacks of coughing with vomiting. Dolores pleureticos. Painful chest discomfort, palpitations. Violent pains in the nipples or stitches, but on the left. Tuberculosis.
23 Neck and neck aching. Pain in side of neck to chew, with extended left arm stiffness, worse from least moviento or roll over, local heat better. Violent pain in the sacrum and back of hands. Backaches. Spinal Disorders.
24 - () Rheumatism appears suddenly, with preferential localzacion joint, especially on the right side, with concern, although the movement needs to move him the pain worse, better by pressure, by friction and after midnight, with sweat , which did not improve; erratic pains. Gouty or rheumatic pains, rheumatic old general or local, internal or external. Nodosities periarticular.
Sensation as if the muscles were stretched and were torn from their attachments. Stiffness and contraction joints. Itching in the armpit of tomorrow. Pain over the right elbow. Rheumatic pain in the elbow, forearm and wrist. Pelvic pain from one to the other hip. Pain as if beaten in the hips at night, they do change sides. Legs weakly. Weakness in the legs. Paraplegic. Rheumatic pain in the knees, worse walking. Foot cramps. Suppression of sweating of the feet (with chorea in a row).
25 - () On waking: headache, vomiting, eye pain, stitches in the ears.
26 - () Chills. Clammy sweats at night, waking him. The sweat does not improve pain or the sntomas in general, although they are abundant.
27 - () Redness, itching and burning sensation on the skin, worse in cold water. Urticaria.
Sulfuric Collibacillinum Natrum Thuya.