Freckles, Hair, Breasts. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Freckles, Hair, Breasts

Small spots of pigment, brown, skin, especially of the face, ephelides lentiform.

Natural Medicine for freckles with Medicinal Plants:
Birch, Almonds, Pumpkin, Coco Parietaria, radishes.
Comment: Rub with lemon juice and strawberries.

Hair (see Hair)
Medicine for hair with Medicinal Plants: Onion (very good), Fumaria, Nettle and weeping willows (against shedding and dander)
Dandruff: Spread with jojoba oil once a week. Allow an hour and wash. Mahnaz Paymani normalizing tonic.

White Hair
Medicine for the white hairs with Medicinal Plants: rinse with infusion of Walnut.

Nipples and Breasts
Natural Medicine Nutrition Breast with: celery, barley, fennel, mint, parsley, carrot.

Medicine for the breast with Medicinal Plants: Celery, Cardo Santo, Stachys, Plantain, Fennel (if they are hardened by an abundance of milk), Mint, Parsley, Yarrow and Quince (if they are injured)
Cracked nipples: Comfrey, and Yellow Dock.

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