Galvanismus. Homeopathy

7 Vertigo with confusion, deafness, alternating heat and cold and go lights.
Pressing headache with pain to the ears. Noises in the head, as if boiling. Congestion of the head.
8 - () Eyes swollen, red, with sharp pains, throbbing and swelling.
Twitching in the eyelids. Stye. Tearing. Seizures in the eyes.
Miosis. Objects seem to squirm; are blue. The color blue appears green, yellow or red, that red looks green or blue. The air and earth are white as snow. Go lightning, globes of light or sparks.
9 - () Violent earache. Lack of cerumen. Discharge of blood from ear.
Hear sounds of bells or wind instruments; murmurs; detonations. Deafness.
10 - () pain, tingling and cold in the nose. Excoriation of the nasal mucosa.
Coryza, sneezing. Epistaxis. Feel a putrid smell.
11 Face red and swollen with toothache and sialorrhea. Seizures on the lips and facial muscles. Pains in the face. Burning under the eyes.
12 - () Sialorrhea alkaline or acid taste. Metallic taste. Sensations on the tongue: from cold or heat, burn, of being bored, feeling low. Language heavy, with slurred speech, convulsive contractures.
c3 Sore throat when swallowing; cramps, heat. Tonsils swollen.
14 Shortly appetite and great thirst. Nausea, regurgitation, vomiting, violent green. Rumbling. Colic stomach pains sharp and pointed, with flatulence and diarrhea. Sometimes diarrhea with vomiting. Tiredness and deep sleep after diarrhea. Pulsations and movements in the rectum contractions in the anus. Hemorrhoids.
15 Heat and pain in the bladder. Polyuria. Cloudy urine thick and red with sediment. Sometimes very strong erections without erotic thoughts.
Menses copious.
16 spasms of the larynx, which rises and falls. Dyspnea, asthma bradypnea rattling. Tightness in the chest, with anxiety and palpitations. Pains in the chest; pressure.
17 neck, shoulders and arms rigid. Nape asleep. Burning in the States, for coals. Fingering asleep, with heat or cold or pain. Itching hands. Itchy rashes in joints. Tremors of the muscles of the thighs and calves, sleeping.
Insomnia 18 total, or great drowsiness. He smiles a lot sleeping. Discomfort on waking. Sounds: flying, chewing some pleasant taste.
Increased heat in 19 different sites of the body along the nerve of a paralyzed hand. Alternate heat or shivering with cold. Pulse full, hard, fast, irregular. Copious sweat; acids.
Scarlet blush 20 different sites, with miliary eruption. Scarlet fever.