Gambogia. Homeopathy

(Goma gutta. Resin from the tree Garcinia Morella, China)
1 Alegre, talkative, with a feeling of ease in the movements. Irritable. Sad.
2 Worse, towards evening and night, for tomorrow, newspapers, sitting.
Best: after defecation, walking outdoors, for the movement, the outdoors.
3 - () Dolores: cutting, burning, as if beaten. Generalized pain.
4 - () Vertigo in morning on rising. Heaviness in the head, drowsiness and pain. Pain in the vertex, as if beaten, better outdoors.
Heat to the head with sweat.
5 - () Violent burning and itching eyes, with photophobia, in the afternoon, better in open air, only to reappear the next morning, pruritus in internal angles, with acrid tears after rubbing. They stick the eyelids at night.
6 - () ear pain, worse on the left. Continuous bell in left ear.
7 - () chronic violent sneezing, only day, worse from strong odors.
Ulceration in the right nostril, with burning pains. Right nasal dryness. Mucous secretion smelling pus.
8 - () Cold sensation in the tip of the incisors. Dry mouth. Burning in the anterior half or at the tip of the tongue, it feels hard. Bitter taste.
9 - () Sore throat, even by touching the outside. Punctures violent on the right side of the throat. Feels swollen, hot and raw, with constant hawking.
10 - () Violent eructation. Nausea from eating or drinking, better walking outdoors, with accumulation of saliva and acidic water expulsion. Terrible vomiting and diarrhea, fainting. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach. Gastralgias: mordants; ulcerative better after eating, cutting, sharp point, which startled him. Violent thirst in the evening. Heat in the stomach and abdomen.
Aversion to all food.
11 - () Belly swollen, tense, biting umbilical punctures.
Sticking around the belly next to eat it relieves diarrhea, and anal burning. Cutting pain periumbilical preceding violent diarrhea. Strong rumbling, very noisy. Ileocecal Region painful and sensitive to pressure. Itching in the navel. Tension and punctures in the groin, painful pressure in the left inguinal ring. Burning in the liver region.
12 - () The main field of action of Gambogia is in the intestines and rectum. Copious watery diarrhea with feces or mucous or liquid, yellow, greenish, offensive, corrosive, always driven in a single stream as in a prolonged effort, and followed by an immediate welfare, as if something very irritating in the intestines had been removed. The depositions are preceded by intense sharp periumbilical pain. Anal and rectal burning after bowel movement (as if anus were excoriated). Burning and rectal tenesmus, with anal protrusion during diarrhea, stool: undigested; mucosanguinolentas (dysentery); liquid with faecal matter, as buttermilk, brown. Diarrhea: in summer, water in the elderly, in children, acute or chronic, by taking cold, for taking water after eating. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Stools hard and low, with great urgency and rectal prolapse.
Flatus frequent, worse at night.
13 points in the left kidney. Leaking urine, with burning at the meatus.
Urine odor of onions. Hitting the urethral meatus.
Flow 14. Menses frequent, profuse and prolonged.
15 - () Chest pain or raw. Stitches that go from side to side thorax. Pressure or weight on the chest. Very painful stitches in the sternum.
16 Pain in the sacrum, as if beaten or dislocated. Coccygodynia, as if bitten. Stitches in his right shoulder, or tearing. Pinching and as sleeping on the right thumb pad. Cramps in the calf, with contraction in the fingers. Heaviness in the feet.
17 Somnolence. Sleep interrupted by anxious dreams.
18 - () Violent chills that start in the back, from 19 hours until the next morning at 4 hours, with cold body; ACCOMPANIED BY yawning, belching, thirst, pain, sacral, tingling and stitches in the ears. Fever with anxiety, hot flashes and sweating. Night sweats. Malaria: quotidian, tertian. Intermittent fevers or shippers.
19 Intolerable itching and tingling, burning and ulcerative pain after scratching. Itchy blisters on the hands.