Garlic a gift from God

The garlic, known to botanists under the name of Allium sativum, is a bulbous plant of the lily family that, from Asia since ancient times in Southern Europe was introduced more as a medicine than as food, and as such enjoyed great consideration in ancient Indian medicine, and is even used in ancient Egypt as a preventive of typhus and cholera epidemics among workers of the pyramids.

It seems that its medicinal properties are found in the ethereal oil containing sulfur in garlic small proportion (0.005%). But the most active element is a penicillin-like substance called allicin, which is due to its bactericidal power.

Garlic has a strong stimulating effect of glandular secretion and particularly of the gastrointestinal mucosa, as well as causing increased secretion of digestive glands, also increased the biliary secretion, can be used by lazy people with stomach or suffering from biliary insufficiency, as well as also as an appetite stimulant. While antibacterial power putrid fermentation in the gut, encouraging the reproduction of coli bacteria, which are normal intestinal agents.

Garlic is a harmless intestinal soothing and ancient wisdom that fought the cancer has been fully demonstrated in animal test and a clear difficulty in the growth of transplanted cancer cells, after treatment with garlic, and generally provides a increase body resistance against diseases of any kind.

Its action is due to sudorific is a powerful vitalizing the body and the body temperature rises above normal values, which together with the volatility of its ethereal oil, which contains allyl sulfides, propyl, cause an action purifying the body and decongestant that can be applied to diseases of the respiratory bronchial and generally has a marked effect as expectorant.

Also acts on the circulatory system diseases, exerting a beneficial effect on hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart muscle weakness and even acts of decongestant in cases of stroke, even to perform the action of thinning the blood, preventing stroke.

When taking garlic has been proven that blood pressure drops and the pulse becomes slower and quiet, dilating coronary vessels, which are better nourished the heart muscles, strengthen these.

It is farther remarkable action against intestinal worms (pinworms and roundworms).

In view of the aforementioned properties, we understand the interest that can be provided to garlic, not only as medicine but as a foodstuff from multiple applications, hence the interest that may have spread to the maximum their dietary intake. However, dried garlic, as collected from the land, have the disadvantages of a strong odor and flavor, which some may be unpleasant to take, but what is clear is that the odor that gives the breath of the he takes it extremely unpleasant for your partner, and persists for several hours. These drawbacks are greatly suppressed firing it, but then arouses the 90% of its effectiveness as a bactericide and medicine.

That's why many natural food stores sell capsules containing garlic garlic powder packaged in gelatin capsules. In this way available to the public in a pleasant way of taking garlic, which preserves their dietary and medicinal properties, and it is not unpleasant or uncomfortable to swallow, because the capsule does not dissolve until it reaches the intestinal fluids, avoid evil breath, an unpleasant odor and facilitate digestion.

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