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Treatments and Remedies for Gas. Flatulence
Definition of bloat
Distension of the abdominal wall straight to the swelling of the stomach and intestine, or both at once, by the gases inside.

Causes of flatulence or bloating
Among some of the causes that can lead to excess gas are the following:
* Flatulence can be caused by abnormal processes of fermentation and putrefaction dyspeptic intestinal origin.
* Too much gas can also be caused by excessive intake of certain foods (beans, nuts, chickpeas, etc.)..
* A poor mastication of food.
* Eating too fast.
* Eating in a heightened emotional state.
* A bad combination of food, etc..

Medicine for the feed gas
Above all it is inevitable to correct some bad habits. These included: eating in haste or inadequate chewing of food.

However, one of the best remedies against gases is to follow the right combination of food and allow us in the stomach does not produce an enzyme that conflict does not provide the proper digestion of these. In our article The combination of foods will find the appropriate way to combine them to avoid excessive gas or flatulence.

Some useful food remedy for gas are:

Artichoke: Avoid gas production in the small intestine caused by poor digestion of fats. It promotes the proper functioning of the gallbladder and liver. It is preferable to eat raw so that they themselves do not produce gases, then boiled.

The Leek: They contain 72% of alkaline salts. Excellence and diuretics are recommended as the onions to washing the body of wastes. They are useful for infertility, gases, menopausal hot flashes, increase milk secretion.

The pineapple and papaya have a lot of digestive enzymes that can facilitate digestion.

Coconut milk and carrot juice are also very helpful for colitis, gastritis and gases.

Another juice can be beet red cabbage and lactic acid.

Whey is effective against diarrhea and gas. Normalize intestinal gas and heartburn calm.

Medicine for the gas and digestion with Medicinal Plants

Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Anise, Fennel, Barberry, Wormwood, Garlic, Betony (if there is gas and phlegm), Euphrasia, Fumaria, Malva, Papaya.

In particular for gases Angelica, Peppermint, Sage.

Medicine for the gas Hydrotherapy
Compress abdominal applies mostly to the belly (of ribs English) a wet towel or cloth wrung from cold water. Cover with cloth or wool or cloth in the form of strip to secure it. Best place resting after meals.

Indications: stomach ulcers, intestinal cramps, bloating, biliary tract disorders, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder disorders during menstruation. Duration of application: 30 minutes at least.

Medicine for the digestion gas and nutritional supplements
Acidophilus Complex
- Helps regenerate the symbiotic intestinal flora (friendly bacteria present in the intestinal tract.
- Reduces bad breath and flatulence caused by intestinal putregacciones.
- Helps elimimnar pathogenic micro-organism and its toxins in the digestive tract
- Etc. etc.

The activated carbon (capsules). Absorbs toxic substances that accompany food. Draws toxins to the surface rather than absorb them into the enterprise. It absorbs intestinal gas.

Sodium: When you suffer from gas, dyspepsia, belching, bloating, can we be sure that these disorders are due to gastrointestinal deficienciade sodium.
Aloe Vera, digestive enzymes

Medicine for the gas and dyspepsia with Homotoxicology
Gastricumeel (c), Nux vomica-Homaccord (g), Veratrum-Homaccord (g).

Medicine for gases with homeopathy
Carbo veg: burning stomach pains and abdominal cramping that radiates to the chest with oppressed breathing. Significant abdominal distention, belching, incessant, fatty, rancid, putrid, putrid intestinal gas, respiratory oppression. Frequent bowel movements, uncontrolled burning, putrid.

Arnica Montana compression of the stomach feeling. Pain while eating. Vomiting fetid, with belching with an aftertaste of rotten eggs. Urgent hunger at night • Constant thirst without desire to drink accurate.

You can take the 6CH O 7CH, 5 pellets every two hours

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