Gastein. Homeopathy

(Castein Wilber Hot Springs, Salzburg [Austria])
1 Talkative. Vivid fantasies.
2 - () Sense of unspeakable physical and mental well-being (for the thermal baths). Increased vitality and you feel more active, and can walk long distances without tiring.
3 - () Weakness, exhaustion. Takes cold easily. Secretions decreased. Pulsations. Contractions: nose, mouth, stomach, rectum.
4 - () Worse before a storm or by hot winds.
Vertigo 5. Rush of blood to the head. Morning headache, heaviness. Noises in the ears: trumpets, bells and chants. Nasal sensation of constriction.
Fresh face, sensation of swelling.
6 - () Teeth sensitive and painful, worse if there is decay. Sticky saliva. Dry mouth and throat. Many spits mucus. Regurgitation and gastralgial.
Pain in the cecal region, almost faints. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Greenish and bloody diarrhea. Eliminate gallstones. Flatulence and constipation with ineffectual urging to stool; very hard stools.
7 When urinating, eliminating load. Great polyuria, urine watery and odorless.
Deposits: flour, white, and sand and clay; purulent.
8 - () scrotum retracted. Sexual desire increased, then disappear.
9 Disposal of membranes of the uterus. Suppressed menstruation.
Hoarseness 10. Profuse expectoration. Pressing pain chest. Pulse hard and full.
11 - () Weakness and heaviness in the limbs; feel as tight.
Squeezing sensation in the arms, like an iron band. Veins swollen hands. Bone sensation in the ring. Painful callus on the right palm. Pain in the left hip to the knee extended, can barely walk. Soles painful when walking or support, motherboard painful calluses.
12 Somnolence. Dreams of sexual excitement.
13 Chills slight rise in the back. Strong-smelling sweat, viscous, red or yellow stain clothing.
Dry, red 14. Old scars that open and remove foreign bodies. Urticaria. Erysipelas. Sarna.