Gastritis. Symptoms

Definition of Gastritis
Gastritis is defined as inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the walls of the gastric cavity.

Symptoms of Gastritis
Gastritis can evolve into acute, subacute and chronic

Symptoms of Acute Gastritis
* Malaise
* Lack of appetite, which can be reached by food aversion
* Tongue feeling thick, dry and covered with a whitish layer
* Feeling bitter or unpleasant taste in the mouth
* Bad breath
* Dry lips and mouth
* Be strong and continuous
* Yawning, frequent belching and hiccups
* Weight and distension in the epigastrium (upper and central)
* Dull pain in the stomach area after eating.
* In some cases diarrhea enteritis
* Belly swollen by gas
* In some cases cold sores
* Frequent Headaches
* Fever rarely

Symptoms of subacute or chronic gastritis (gastric catarrh)
In this case the symptoms can vary depending on the severity of each case. Among the main symptoms highlight:
* Lack of appetite
* Bitter taste in the mouth especially on rising in the morning
* Nausea seeing food
* Sometimes vomiting at the sight of food
* Digestions difficult with frequent belching and acid regurgitation
* Heartburn that rises into the esophagus and throat
* The indigestion drowsy with mild headache.
* Dry tongue with white coating
* Bad breath and even foul
* Pale, dry skin
* Even progressive wasting and anemia if not treated the right way
* Constipation alternating with diarrhea.

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