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Definition of gastroenteritis
Gastroenteritis is defined as both joint inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach (gastritis) as the small intestine (enteritis).

In the clinical picture of gastroenteritis symptoms usually predominate over those of enteritis gastritis. Because of this the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis are almost the same as those of acute enteritis and chronic enteritis the same as those of chronic enteritis.

Causes of gastroenteritis
* Gastroenteritis can be due to infection with parasites or viruses through water, spoiled food or from person to person.
* The agent may be bacteria such as salmonella, shigella, etc..
* In the case of many children who have been reared with artificial feeding has been observed that the disease more rampant than in cases who received breast milk.
* Also the warm months are more conducive to this disease.
* People allergic to certain foods such as seafood, pork, eggs. may suffer more frequent gastroenteritis.
* Drugs such as antibiotics can cause an imbalance of intestinal flora causing gastroenteritis.

Symptoms of infantile gastroenteritis
In the case of infantile gastroenteritis is noteworthy that this disease produces about 5,000,000 deaths annually. It is one of the leading causes of death in children due to dehydration that cause diarrhea and vomiting.

In the clinical picture of this disease include two symptoms:
* Diarrhea. Numerous depositions within 24 hours with violent emission of liquid stools, greenish or yellowish or colorless at times. They are usually not very pronounced odor, sometimes sour and putrid rarely.
* Vomiting. Is constant, repeated, with emission of gastric contents. In the case of children, with emission of clots milk (babies), slimy at first and then bile.
* Dehydration. Failure to treat the disease faster water loss due to vomiting and diarrhea is a table of dry, rough, wrinkled, dry lips and tongue.
* Other symptoms: in the case of children also occurs nervous agitation, hypersensitivity, tremors of the muscles of the extremities.
* Fever. Fever usually occurs up to 39 º C or more. In very severe cases may then disappear, even dropping below 37 º C.

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies for gastroenteritis

From the same principle should give children oral rehydration therapy. This replaces the lost fluid and prevents dehydration. Whenever possible, use ready-salts for oral rehydration. If these are not available, prepare the following solution is considered the drink saves lives:
* Table salt: one level teaspoon
* Sugar: eight level teaspoons
* Water: One liter (five cups of 200 ml each)
* It is important that the numbers are accurately measures

How much should be administered: The amount that is administered should be approximately equal to the amount of fluid lost. About a cup of drink for rehydration should be given for each watery stool, half should be administered in the case of young children. (Babies can be given the solution with spoon.)

Baby food in cases of gastroenteritis
It should give fluids. Are beneficial tea, rice water, barley water, and soups. Have drinking water available. Continue to breastfeed babies who are still nursing. Food should be provided as soon as the child can eat. However, it is best to supply small amounts frequently. It is good to provide foods that are easy to digest and provide a lot of energy, such as cooked cereal and bananas or plantains.

Medicine for gastroenteritis with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy
Veratrum-Homaccord (ga), Nux vomica-Homaccord (ga), Diarrheel (c) Gastricumeel (c) Duodenoheel (c), Mucosa comp. (a) Vomitusheel (g.sup.) Echinacea comp. forte (a).

Natural medicine for gastroenteritis Thalassotherapy

Quinton Isotonic plenty to prevent dehydration and replace lost ions.

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