Gelsemium. Homeopathy

(Yellow Jasmine Gelsemium Sempervirens)
1 - () One of the most important drugs in psychosomatic disorders, emotional cause of net, acute or chronic, whose origin could be recent or old. Among the causes abrupt or sudden are particularly bad news (most prominent is the remedy) (diarrhea, abortion, excitement, weakness, tremors, insomnia, etc..) Or exciting news, and any emotion, like fear, fear, anger, anger with anxiety or fear, the death of a child, surprises, and so on., even in babies whose mothers have experienced these emotions during pregnancy than were born. But also appear emotional disorders whose origins are, shall we say, slower or prolonged. Thus, there is Gelsemium disorders caused by grief, or anger with silent grief, but especially by anticipation of events or unusual or infrequent events, important or not from an objective standpoint, but still important subjectively. This advance is generally a mixture of anxiety, insecurity and fear, which leads to compulsive patient experience in mind, in advance, with details handled by your fantasy, the event that haunts him: an appointment, a meeting, a decision A review, travel, theater or church or public speaking, facts that can happen in a week or a year, if it is a very short time, usually cause diarrhea.
2 - () Wants to be alone, quiet, being left alone, especially during fever; not talk to anyone or be spoken to or have anyone around, even if the person is in silence irritates him. Avoid people watching. He sits quiet. It's quiet.
3 - () There is a marked confusion, dizziness, stupor or torpor, lethargy, and brutalized, especially during fever, improving urination and profusely, sometimes with feeling of duality, feels it is double, with drowsiness, can not think much. His speech can be, in these cases, confused, incoherent, as if intoxicated. Delira sleeping or falling asleep in paroxysms. It focuses heavily and, wanting to do, has a feeling of absence. The mental effort it worse, dislikes to think (he vanish ideas) and all mental work, sometimes it is impossible or leads to trouble. Lack of memory for mental work. Indifference to their illness. Unconsciousness. Coma.
4 - () has a great fear of dying, afraid to stop the heart if not constantly moving. Fear of storms, being alone, darkness (you want the light); of losing control or reason, for something to happen, of falling, especially in the movements of descent (the child, with great anxiety and fear, cries and holds onto the cradle or the mother or caregiver). Great cowardice, utter lack of courage and self confidence, it is extremely shy, especially to appear in public. Afraid public places. Anxiety: the present and the future in children.
5 - () Depression during fever or heat of the sun with impotence, can not mourn. Hits maniacs. Talkative. Nervously morning or during the fever turns in bed. Hypersensitivity. Cries. Hysteria: in pregnancy and childbirth, by sorrows in plethora.
6 I want to commit suicide by jumping out a window.
7 - () Terrible prostration, weakness truly paralyzed the whole muscular system, with great feeling of tiredness and heaviness, general and limbs, worse on slightest exertion and pollutions. Muscle paralysis, motor, painless. Lack of power in the muscles, total muscle relaxation. Paralysis of muscle groups in the eyes, throat, larynx, thorax, sphincters, tips, etc.. "Lack of muscle coordination, the muscles refuse to obey" (Allen). Functional paralysis of all kinds. Post diphtheritic paralysis. Infantile paralysis, Heine Medin disease: it is, perhaps, the principal remedy, both in its prevention (Lathyrus) and its treatment. Paralysis that begin with fever. Gelsemium is a major crippling, physical and mental health. Fatigue or easily exhausted. Sense of impending fainting, get up and walk.
8 - () Other features of the alteration Gelsemium produced (and cure) in the neuromuscular system are tremors and convulsions. The tremors usually accompany the fatigue, the whole body, being most evident in the language, members, and especially on the hands. Parkinson's Disease. Seizures can be hysterical or epileptic; in eruptive diseases, when the rash appears or is not deleted, in children, from suppressed menses, in the puerperium; on one side.
Tetanus. Coma and stroke. Hysteria with convulsions, excitement and Tormos members.
9 - () The absence of thirst, noted during the fever, is a key symptom of Gelsemium.
10 - () Disorders that respond to the action of Gelsemium are starting slow, insidious, running sometimes several days for installation, although in general, are acute. "A cold Gels several days for symptoms to develop after exposure (to the cause that produces it), while that of Aconitum comes just hours after exposure to cold" (Kent).
11 - () Worse: heat of the sun or in summer, by the humid heat, before or during storms, for snuff smoke, smoking or snuff manipulate (in cigarette factory workers or cigars: impotence, palpitations), by motion, by touching piano by moisture or mist, by sudden changes in hot or dry air to moist, cold and humid air, cold drinks from emotion (see l), by thinking about his conditions; if asked about his emotional loss, at 10 hours. Best: after profuse urination (confusion, headache, facial neuralgia, etc.). By movement (heart and muscle aches), for the outdoors and cold, for stimulants, standing still, leaning forward.
12 - () especially useful in children, young, nervous or hysterical women, people irritable, excitable, sensitive. Sensation of lightness of head and body.
13 - () Sharp, sudden, along nerve branches, anywhere in the body, which obresaltan. Neuralgia tearing, as hitting, worse weather changes.
14 - () watery or catarrhal secretions of mucous, purulent ever.
Colds undeveloped or suppressed.
15 Congestion, arterial or venous circulation somewhat hindered.
16 - () Dizziness extending from the occipital region to the whole head appears intoxicated to move, with depression, the heat of the sun, with hesitation or unsteadiness, fast moving his head or turn around, with dimming, before or during, or loss of vision, or diplopia, worse on motion, for smoking, with fever. Cerebral hemorrhage. Congestion of the head during menstruation constipation or deleted by uremia.
Column head and hot with cold feet. Feeling of constriction in the head as a band or a string, worse on the eyes. Great heaviness, can not hold or lift her head from the pillow, better by profuse watery urine urination. Pressure on vertex. Brain feels sore and tender, as if beaten. Headaches (one of the most commonly used remedies) stun, maddening, starting in the cervical spine (seventh very sensitive) and occtpital zone, stretched upward, the entire head to the forehead or eyes with pop sensation; preceded by blurred vision, worse after breakfast, by moving or bending, moving the head, mental strain, the heat of the sun, smoking, lying with his head down ca from emotion (see l), at 10 am , with nausea, vomiting, cold sweats and cold feet, diplopia, blurred vision, improved by profuse urination, pressure or lying with head high. Pain over the eye and the right temple in the morning and starting to grow in the day, worse on movement and light, better to vomit, after getting into bed and sleep with drowsiness, can not keep my eyes open. Pain in the ear and temple extended the wing nose, chin and facial bones. Cephalic facial fullness with heat and chills. Cerebrospinal meningitis at the start, with stops cold and mydriasis. Headaches with dizziness and fainting, and pain in the neck.
Nervous headaches. Hemicrancas. Itching and soreness in the scalp.
17 - () drooping eyelids, heavy, has a hard time opening your eyes or keep them open, is closed to stare, paralysis of the upper eyelid and the eye muscles, post diphtheritic paralysis, strabismus.
Accommodation slow, mydriasis and miosis on one side of the other. Diplopia when looking sideways, not tell which side of the street is, in pregnancy.
Amaurosis or sudden blindness. Photophobia. Astigmatism. Vision cloudy evening, blurred, foggy. Visual disturbances (diplopia, blurred vision obscured or) preceding or during the headaches, dizziness or heaviness of the head.
See objects as if they were distant. He feels bruised eyes, with pain in orbits. Retinal detachment. Yellow eyes.
Tearing. Conjunctivitis, blepharitis, iritis, choroiditis. Glaucoma. Retinitis albuminuria. Hysterical amblyopia. Nystagmus.
Sudden deafness and transitory 18; hear sounds and murmurs. Catarrhal deafness, with pain from the throat to the ear. Earache from cold.
19 - () Acute coryza with profuse watery excoriating, with early morning sneezing, runny nose. Tickling nasal obstruction. Coryza hay. Summer cold. Epistaxis with suppressed menses. Nostrils red, sore. Sensation of fullness in the root of the nose, spread to the neck and clavicles. Nasal dryness. Swollen turbinates.
20 - () Expresion dazed, dizzy, drowsy, and brutalized hot face and hot to the touch, with cold feet. Face red shadow or pale or yellowish, sickly. The muscles of the face look contracted, especially around the mouth, difficulty in speaking. Paralysis of the upper lips after a long conversation. Erythema of face and neck. Facial neuralgia, with erratic pains, better by profuse urination. Orbital neuralgia with paroxysmal contractions and jerking on the affected side. Neuralgia of the trigeminal branches, infraorbital; worse by movement, eat, laugh, mourn. Stiffness of the jaw. Trismus. Lower jaw fallen. The chin trembles constantly. Lips dry, hot.
Lateral movements of the jaw, which can not avoid.
21 - () You feel asleep tongue. Paresis or paralysis of the tongue, can hardly get her out, she runs into the teeth feels awkward and trembles, worse draw. Speaks awkwardly, with great difficulty and heaviness of the tongue, as if drunk. Tongue yellowish white with fetid breath, brown, white center and red edges, red, painful, dry and inflamed in the middle.
custo putrid. Saliva yellowish. Toothache: in nervous patients; from cold, with excitement, weakness and trembling, in paroxysms, is spread to the face and temples. Teething disorders: child frantic, wakes up screaming, his face very red, very sensitive gums. Dry mouth. Burning in mouth, spread to the throat and stomach. Sore mouth, fever.
22 - () foreign body sensation in the throat, coming up, better to swallow.
Throat dry, hot, rough to swallow, with sensation of heat and constriction, spasms and cramping pains. Dysphagia. Extended throat pain in the ear when swallowing. Post diphtheritic paralysis, with difficulty or inability to swallow. Diphtheria, with tickling in the throat during fever. Acute tonsillitis, with very red and swollen tonsils and high fever.
Paralysis of the esophagus, dysphagia, or can not swallow, or just spend the alcoholic beverages or hot.
23 - () Appetite increased, with rapid satiety. Hiccups in the evening. Belching acids. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, weakness, heaviness, dull aching, of languor, of false hunger, as if bitten. Oppression and fullness in the epigastrium, worse by tight clothing. Gastralgias. Cramps in the stomach, better sitting upright. Nausea with vertigo and headaches, vomiting. Burning in the stomach, which climbs to the mouth.
24 - () passive congestion of liver, with deficient elimination of bile and bilious diarrhea. Jaundice with discolored feces. Rumbling with belching and flatulence. Sudden spasmodic pain in the upper abdomen, which makes mourn. Biting in the transverse colon. Newspapers with diarrhea Colicos makes it better. Colicos erratic sharp, worse on beginning to move, the better to keep moving and to sit upright. Right iliac fossa sensitive (in typhoid). Soreness of abdominal walls. In strangulated hernia, in the beginning. Enteritis in wet weather.
25 - () Diarrhea before entering the fight in the battle, after anticipating an event, for exciting news or bad, after a fright, for any emotion or excitement, for penalties, for the dentition, with intermittent fever. Stools: yellow, bilious, filler or cream color; see dosas, dark yellow. Even soft stool passed with difficulty, as if the year were incurred. Anal sphincter paralysis, with tendency to prolapse and diarrhea involuntary. Frequent flatus. Dysentery. Constipation due to lack of intestinal muscle tone or lack of rectal cancer.
26 - () Frequent copious emission of urine and clear, like water, which relieves the symptoms, especially cephalad. Urinary incontinence: Bladder paralysis, before the chill; post diphtheritic in old people, for excitement, to make power, not pass urine. Enuresis in children nerves.
Irritable bladder neck (in hysterical women), with constant desire to urinate. Bladder paralysis, with greatly distended bladder, drip retention.
Spasms of the ureter passing load; bladder spasms. Dysuria with frequent urging and tenesmus. Feeling that is something to urinate, the stream is weak or interrupted and reappears. Involuntary dribbling. Albuminuria.
c 27 Male Genitalia cold and flaccid, relaxed. Spermatorrhoea without erection, while defecating, for emotional reasons or local congestions.
Sexual power exhausted: the strongest stimuli did not produce erections, but sometimes the slightest caress ejaculation occurs. Premature ejaculation during intercourse. Discharge of semen in urine. Nocturnal emissions with wet dreams. Excitable sexual desire. Atrophy of the testicle. Gonorrhea acute. Whitish urethral discharge, burning during urination. Gonorrhea suppressed, with orchitis, rheumatism and fever. Spasmodic stricture of the urethra. Genitals hot sweats.
28 - () Uterus as tightened by hand. Congestion uterine cramping pains. Heaviness in utero. Very sharp pains in the uterus, like labor, made out to the back and hips. Increased sexual desire. Menstrual Suppression: by fright, with seizures every evening, or dizziness and headache.
Menorrhagia without pain, tachycardia, cold limbs, great restlessness, nausea and vomiting. Vaginismus. Dysmenorrhea. Flow: white; in spurts, with back pain. Stiffness of the cervix during labor, especially in hysterical women, with great nervous excitement; feels as if his neck would not dilate. False labor pains, which run upward and backward.
Labor pains sharp, very annoying and ineffective, which can be felt throughout the body. No pain in childbirth, with widely dilated orifice of the neck and complete atonia. Spasmodic labor pains, weak, with great discomfort, go up the back. Nervous chill, with chattering teeth, the onset of labor. With every pain, the fetus seems to rise instead of fall. Threatened abortion by sudden emotions depressants or scares. During pregnancy: uterine violent pains, headache, diplopia, drowsiness, darkening of vision, dizziness, and bradycardia, cramps in the belly and legs, seizures, albuminuria. Seizures during labor and puerperium. Wave sensation rising from the womb to the throat, choking.
Entuertos very severe and prolonged, extended back and up.
29 - () weakly. Aphonia: for vocal cord paralysis (dysphagia), from fright, during menstruation. Spasm of glottis in the evening, with impending suffocation; laryngismus stridulus in children. Sensation of the larynx sore or raw, with burning going down to the trachea and hoarseness dryly. Catarrhal bronchitis. Start expectoration like bloody water; mucosanguinolenta expectoration. Sudden feeling of suffocation or faint sighing respiration. Dyspnea noisy, with cyanosis, spasmodic asthma, from emotion, inspiration as a prolonged cackling with sudden and fast expiration. Tachypnea or very slow breathing. Cough from tickling, hoarse; croupy, spasmodic, convulsive, with pain in different parts of thorax, with vomiting, paroxysmal. Spring respiratory catarrh. Feeling of constriction in the lower chest. Heaviness or oppression. Pneumonia. Pleural diseases.
30 - () feels (and is scared to death) that his heart will stop beating if it moves constantly. The work of the heart is slow and weak, almost not feel the heartbeat, or excessive, with plethora and congestion. Salpitaciones oppression and worse to think about it or if they talk about their pain or the loss of her son. Palpitations by bad news. Pulse: frequent, soft, weak, almost imperceptible, slow on old, slow at rest, accelerated by the movement, irregular. Precordial stitches. Chest pain when rising from a chair.
31 - () Dolores neck extended to the entire head to occiput or vertex; upwards, towards the shoulders and collarbone, under your left shoulder blade. Myalgia in the top of the sternocleidomastoid, pain as if beaten. Back pain, climbing, during childbirth, extended to the occiput. Lumbosacral Dull, the muscles do not obey, can not walk.
Spinal meningitis, myelitis, poliomyelitis. Hot on the back that goes up and down.
32 - () Tremors in the limbs. Members heavy, tired, especially during the fever in his arms to play the piano in the lower limbs, strain or walking, legs, worse efforts.
Pains in the shoulder at night, deep muscle aches in the arms that are weak and asleep. Feel the elbow and right wrist and dislocated, the pain left by night by an air stream. Cramps in the forearm in wanting to write, writer's cramp. Hand tremor to lift them. Dolls and cold hands. Hot, dry hands, worse on the palms. Spasmodic contraction of the fingers, Dupuytren's contraction.
Lower limb fatigue on slightest exertion. Paraplegia.
Unsteady gait, staggering, reeling, intoxicated, can not control his muscle movements, incoordination, tabes. Severe pain in the hip and sciatica, worse at rest and to start walking, burning pain, worse at night. Muscle aches in the legs, moving better. Cold feet, as if I had them in cold water; during headache. Painless paralysis in the limbs. Pain in the soles of the feet when walking. Crural neuralgia.
Lancinating pains in the thighs, more sweating. Rheumatic pains in the knees at night. Sudden displacement of the patella. Calves sore at night. Contracted toes.
33 - () Sleepy, especially during fever and in children; yawns. Delira barely sleeps. Stupor or sleepiness in students or sedentary people, in hot weather. Sleepless from nervous irritation, by thinking, by violent itching in the head, face, neck and shoulders during dentition, in delirium tremens. He wakes up with headache or cramping. Night terrors.
Sounds that are dying and feels her eyes sink.
34 - () Chills that begin in the feet and hands, and up and down the back, like waves, especially in the spine, in the upper body of morning or after noon, at 16 or or 17 hours everyday at the same time, with hands and feet cold and headache. Nervous chills hot skin, it needs to sustain him not to shake so much. Fever without thirst, burning with intense heat, heat mainly in the head and face with cold hands and feet. Continuous fever, intense, very long, typhoid, when mental symptoms predominate. Remittent fever, after noon, in the pine, with shivering, with aversion to uncovering by chills.
Measles with a cold, help out the eruption. Scarlatina asthenic forms. Rubella. In influenza, along with Eupatorium perfoliatum, but indicated the drug with severe chills going up and down the back, great heaviness in the limbs, tremors, weakness, terrible occipital headache, dizziness and lack of thirst (in Eupatorium is marked thirst and pains as if broken bones). Disorders (stingrays, fever, fatigue) from the flu weeks earlier. It is also extremely useful in the prophylaxis of influenza. Cold sweats after noon. The symptoms, including pain, improve sweating, much less effort.
35 Itching without eruption, worse from warmth of bed. Hot, dry skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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