Gentiana cruciata. Homeopathy

(Gentian with Cruz)
1 apprehensive, malaise, feeling of faintness. Tendency to mourn, to mourn with aversion.
2 - () Worse after eating. Better: for hot soup, fresh water for drinking;
outdoor, sitting or lying down.
3 Confusion and dizziness. Head and brain after eating sensitive and strong move his head. Pressure on the temples, with dilated veins. Stitch in the left temple. Molesta tension, sometimes jarring, in the vertex, followed by pressure, the worse for thinking or use much in sight.
4 feeling that eyes are very sunken. He does not see the letters printed, is like a veil.
l 5 Canker on the edge of the lower lip, near the frenulum. Sialorrhea.
Red throat contracted, with dysphagia, cough and abundant mucus out acceding feeling of being raw. Stitches in the tonsils.
6 - () Sour, watery vomiting, sour, bitter, nauseous. Sensation in the esophagus and stomach as if he had swallowed a mouthful of cold water followed by hot, lasting all day, worse from eating, drinking cold water better.
Movements in the stomach, better walking. Pressure in the stomach, as if a stone, with nausea. Burning and fullness in the stomach.
7 - () umbilical pain, worse after eating or smoking, standing and walking, forces him to bend (Colocynth); better sitting and lying, with sensation of drawing the belly button inward. Movements in the womb. Bloating, fullness and constriction in the abdomen. Drawing in the right groin with a sensation of protrusion, worse by sneezing, leaving a tender lump the size of a hazelnut, better sitting or lying down. Diarrhea pasty, with constant urgency.
Menstruation 8 advanced, with headache and feeling of fullness or distention cephalic, worse from motion, better sleep.
9 Hoarseness, voice fails in the middle of a sentence.
10 twitching and jerking in the right side of the neck or cervical muscles, spread to the ears, worse turning the head can not be long in one position. Tension back.
11 annoying twitching on his right shoulder. Cramp-like pains in the soles of the feet.