Gentiana lutea. Homeopathy

Gentiana lutea
(Yellow Gentian, Gentian, Bach)
Is drug, according to Bach, people with mind or negative vision of life, suffering from deep depression and melancholy black. "I'd be happy if he were happy." It is easily discouraged when things go wrong or faced with difficulties. It is useful in any disease that has caused a setback that discourages the patient, or in children who become discouraged about their schoolwork or exams.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gentiana lutea
1 Dullness general mood. Melanie. As if intoxicated.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gentiana lutea
2 - () sense of constriction, pressure and fullness.
3 - () Worse after noon, after dinner, for the movement. Better:
SPECIFIC Gentiana lutea
4 Head confused while writing, with stress and pressure out front or top to bottom. Vertigo, worse by standing or moving; better outdoors. Feeling of emptiness or fullness or enlargement. Lancinating frontal headache, better eating and the outdoors.
5 Press, pain and tenderness in her eyes. Conjunctiva red. Temporary blindness or dimming of vision.
or watery nasal irritation.
7 Mouth and throat dry and rough, thick saliva. Taste very bitter or earthy. Pinching and swelling in the back of the palate. Start mucus in the throat with difficulty to have her feeling raw.
Pressure on the left side of the throat.
8 - () acid regurgitation, such as vinegar, with hiccups. Nausea after eating, tearing, yawning, mild teasing and vertigo. Vomiting in weak people. Sense of gastric emptying. Ravenous hunger, worse in the evening, or decreased appetite. Gastralgia with anxiety, feeling of weight, nausea,
retching, and dyspnea, followed by anal pressure. Feeling of constriction, or stresses and strains in the stomach.
9 - () Feeling pressure in hypochondria. Soreness around the belly,
with a feeling of tightness and pressure in the hypogastric, more to the right, worse walking. Touch-umbilical region, with pressing pain of drawing inwards; pain with tension. Cutting pain from the pubic bone
transverse colon, worse on waking in the night and play better lying on your back with legs drawn up. Inflated belly, tight, with heaviness and fullness. Rumbling or gurgling in the belly, as if bubbles.
Flatus and belching no relief. Painful belly skin.
10 - () sudden urge to defecate, with copious evacuation anal pressure.
Tearing into the anus, with tenesmus. Stools: soft, quickly rising;
yellow, preceded by cramps that get worse after stool and force it to bend. Bilious diarrhea.
Hoarseness 11. Tightness in the chest, fullness, with pressure and dyspnea. Backache, worse from motion, better sitting. Pressure and weight back.
12 Rheumatic pain or gout in his right hand, acute arthritis in the fingers.
Pain in the hips to lean forward. Tingling in the knee.
Pain as if dislocated joint on the left.
Tearing in the sole of his left foot when walking.
Yawning 13. Soon asleep. You can not sleep for colic, with great concern, until 2 pm.
14 febrile shivering like electric shocks in the back, followed by fatigue and depression. Heat in the head, cheeks and around the body in the lumbar region.