Geobiology: Alternative Medicine habitat

Definition of Geobiology Geobiology has been defined as the "medicine of habitat" by the importance given to housing, construction materials, the location right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, and because among other things, warns that reasons our home can be the cause of most of our illnesses and teaches us to remedy them. Because, in our homes, either through ignorance or economic interests and speculative builders, and by our own ignorance, there may be a multitude of errors that we pay very expensive then, because the price is the detriment of our physical and mental health. Although the name of Geobiology is because the relationships between living things-especially the man and the energies emanating from the earth every day now this science covers a broad spectrum of studies. The real enemies of man are too: the artificial electric pollution, synthetic fibers, certain building materials, radioactive elements, etc.. Geobiology is closely related to dowsing. The latter would mean "sensitivity to radiation, and study phenomena such as groundwater or detection of hidden minerals. This technique is very old and the use of pendulums or rods back to the beginning of civilization. More recently, it has been used in the two world wars for the detection of mines and shells remain in tact, or famous people such as Marconi were great practitioners of dowsing. The passage of the Geobiology dowsing has been due to the replacement of the sensitivity and individual perception of measurement devices. The rigorously scientific experiences in the field of Geobiology date from the early twentieth century. Groups identified areas dowsers pathogens due to groundwater flow and match the location of people dying from cancer. Other experiments with mice have shown the unhealthiness of the telluric currents. Thus Dr. Ernst Hartmann, with an extraordinary scientific rigor, Hartmann network discovered by measuring the electrical resistance variation in different people and places. Geobiology then saw that going to teach if the place where we live, sleep or work has a major impact on our health, this science is an ally to the set of "Health sciences" and therefore we must use the supplement for improve the health of us all.

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