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Hartmann's network
Telluric currents or radiation

Hartmann's network
It was Dr. Ernst Hartmann who was responsible for the discovery of the so-called Hartmann's network. Our planet behaves like a giant magnet, whose poles coincide at the moment of history with the geographic poles. Dr. Hartmann and components of his team measured the electrical resistance of the human body and changes that experienced by moving the person within the space. Proved the existence of points where abrupt changes were recorded, with big ups and downs, and to mark these points on a plane, they saw that such points of alteration were composing a kind of grid that is, were the points of intersection of a hypothetical power lines arranged in a grid. These lines, whose existence has been confirmed by subsequent investigations have been termed lines or network Hartmann Hartmann.

They are like walls of energy emanating from underground or surface, as it is detected there over 2000 m above the surface, vertically. These lines run parallel north / south and east / west. Their strength and density are highly variable, depending on many factors. But establishing a constant of about 21 cm thick, and its parallel provision at intervals of 2.5 m in the oriented north / south and approximately 2 m in the oriented east / west.

When a person crosses a line Hartmann, amending its electrical resistance. This is a minimum change without consequences. The variations are more important when one is situated on a crossing of the lines Hartmann. This overlap of lines multiplies the disruptive effects. The lingering on an intersection H is due to disorder of all kinds.

In crosses of a network H geopathogenic placed on an area - current flow of groundwater, and more crossover of two veins - are observed changes in the emission of gamma radiation and infrared, radio frequency radiation become very aggressive for living things and causing major changes in vital signs of individuals, resulting in continued excitement and irritation of your nerve cells.

Radiation telluric
Besides this there Current Capacity H network. In the same way that the human body has about vanishing points of energy, the earth has energy networks with emanation points stronger than others. This energy drain intended to restore the energy balance of the earth itself. Among the major telluric radiation sources are:

- Underground water veins (large or small underground rivers)
- Geological faults (geological structure broken by higher energetic tension).
- Geomagnetic anomalies (natural deposits of magnetic minerals, metallic veins, etc.).
- Permeability of the soil (chalky, allowed to flow into the interior of the earth's crust most of the cosmic radiation refracting and then freeing telluric radiation in a harmonica, clay or quartz, reflect radiation at the surface).

For the detection of such radiation are used in addition to sophisticated instruments, the pendulum and the L-shaped rods

Besides this type of radiation are cosmic influences include both the sun and the moon.

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