Geobiology: Radioactivity: Sources. Electrical and electromagnetic pollution

Analyze: Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution Sources of natural radioactivity radioactivity sources of artificial radioactivity and electromagnetic electro smog is well known that the passage of an electric current, albeit weak, amending certain substances (electrolysis). You all electric current produces a magnetic field, ie waves that only differ from each other by the frequency of its oscillations: light, infrared, radio, television, X-rays, etc.. Given that in every cell of our body involved electric charges, we see the deleterious effect that may involve the alteration of these electric charges within the human cell to be exposed to electrical and electromagnetic pollution. The union of toxic contamination (equipment, clock radios, wiring in poor condition, amateur radio high tension cables, etc.). Telluric with radiation can cause major disruptions to the health of many individuals and have been found many investigations. Radioactivity Radioactivity is a highly harmful radiation (gamma particles in particular, very short wavelength and very insightful). You are very harmful because the effects are not immediately apparent, moreover, though weak, are cumulative. Our body has adapted to the background radiation from the cosmos and emanating from the earth by the decay of their radioactive minerals. However, the improper use of nuclear energy has made the overall soil radioactivity is increased on the planet. In certain areas is the cause of many forms of cancer. The O.M.S. emphasizes that the tolerable dose of radiation allowed is 500 mR / year (500 millirem per year). The main sources of radiation that affect us are various: 1 .- Sources of natural radioactivity - cosmic radiation (from 20-140 mR / ano) - The radioactivity tellurium (of 20-150 mR / year) 2 .- Sources of artificial radioactivity - Nuclear power plants (of 1 -...., depending on the leak or explosion) - atmospheric and underground nuclear tests. - Minas - Cemeteries and storing radioactive material. - X-Ray ... - Radioactive arrester. - TV screens and computers - Radon Gas. - Others (building materials, irradiated foods, paints, fluorescent lamps, etc..

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