Geobiology: You live in a healthy home?

Human beings throughout history has adapted to changes in terrestrial energy. But in the last few hundred years the technical and industrial developments have dramatically altered bioenergetic constants.

Natural materials like wood, cork, stone, clay, animal or plant fibers, have an MRI much more harmonious with our bodies than most synthetic materials or chemical transformation of complex products: cement, plastics, insulating artificial excess metal. From all this follows the necessity of using natural clothing: silk, cotton, wool, linen, etc..

Also our house we can consider another skin that surrounds us.

So should be situated: halfway between the hill and a water course, protected from strong winds, surrounded by tall trees of various species, well exposed to solar radiation cleansing, not forgetting, of course, correct magnetic orientation and avoiding the telluric currents and magnetic junctions.

We will consider building materials, radiation emanating more or less important, in quantities ranging from 20/50 mrad / a timber to 50/250 mrad / y of certain types of concrete. Also monitor the type of insulation in the walls and the material of the furniture and the floor of the home.

How to recognize the unhealthiness of a home

Below are some symptoms of poor housing and its possible causes.
- Cracking. Underground water veins, faults and other subsurface anomalies telluric.
- Humidity. Built on groundwater.
- Molds. Poor insulation, underground water veins.
- Unpleasant odors. Rooms exposed to earth energies and poorly ventilated. Septic tanks and sanitary water veins located on telluric currents or smell.
- Cold. Houses located in geopathic zones.
- Anxiety, dizziness and drowsiness. Constant disturbance of the environment inhabited.
- Blushing. Poor air ionization.

Besides all this we must ask:

- Do you sleep poorly and have bad dreams or nightmares?
- Do you wake up tired in the mornings?
- Do you feel any pain when standing up, then subsides during the day?
- Do you react adversely to atmospheric changes?
- Do you have any chronic illness that appears to have no cure and is not relieved by anything?
- Are you depressed?
- Do you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or allergies?

Source of information: "Healthy Living at home" by Mariano Bueno

*Automatic Translation