Geranium maculatum. Homeopathy

Geranium maculatum
(Spotted Geranium)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Geranium maculatum
1 - () profuse bleeding, especially nose, stomach and lungs.
Under the action of the drug, the blood darkens, better and reduces clot totally bleeding.
SPECIFIC Geranium maculatum
2 - () Dizziness with diplopia, better closing their eyes and lying; reappears dizziness while you open your eyes. Occipital pain. Migraine.
3 - () sensation of fullness in the eye. Eyelid ptosis with mydriasis. Great difficulty walking with eyes open, you can do with your eyes closed.
4 lips and mouth; with left-sided headaches. Tip of the tongue dry and burning.
5 - () catarrhal gastritis with profuse secretion; tendency to ulcerate. Gastric ulcer hematemesis; decreases vomiting (give it in tincture).
6 Constant desire to defecate, but can not. Chronic diarrhea, offensive. Constipation.
7 Menses copious. Postpartum hemorrhage. Sore nipples hurt.
8 - () atonic ulcers, offensive (use locally).