Geum urbanum, Ginseng, Glonoine Glyoxal, Gnaphalium, Graphites. Homeopathy

Geum urbanum (Caryophylleae)
Headache. States of exhaustion.

Ginseng (root of ginseng)
States of exhaustion of any kind.

Glonoinum (nitroglycerin)
Angina pectoris with feeling of impending doom, anxiety, palpitations which extend to the neck.

Glyoxal (oxalic aldehyde)
It acts by activating the respiratory enzymes damaged. At all stages phones, especially in neoplastic and viral diseases.

Gnaphalium polycephalum (gnafalio)
Neuralgia and rheumatism with sensation of numbness and shooting pains (sciatica). Back pain with numbness in the lower back.

Graphites (graphite)
Tendency to obesity. Chronic constipation (especially Aten). Dry and cracked skin, eczema but also with honey-yellow crusts. Eczema of the ear canal. Chronic inflammation of the outer eye. Chalazion. Colitis mucosa.

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