Ginseng. Homeopathy

(Aralia Quinquefolia)
1 - () Fear of accidents, especially when traveling in automobiles. Anxiety about the future.
2 Mode of being calm, quiet. Sense of strength, vigor. Joyful. Impatient.
Tendency to mourn.
3 Le hardly think. Poor memory, forgetful.
4 - () Worse: the open air at night, bending over or turning around, sitting;
down stairs on the right.
5 - () High sensitivity to cold, with a tendency to feel as if beaten all over his body. Feeling of extreme heat and intense cold, after exposure to cold air. After a walk, can not get warm.
P 6 Vertigo, worse going down stairs or standing, it seems that the undulating floor;
see gray spots. Head tilted to one side. Hemicraneas. Right frontal or occipital headache, such as twitching, head bent backwards involuntarily. Sensitive head.
7 - () Pressure in the eyes, as if they sink. Great difficulty opening the eyelids, which are heavy, painful and itchy, especially at the edges. Feels cold in your eyes. Alternating mydriasis and miosis. Photophobia.
Diplopia if stares. The letters are confusing to read.
8 Face red and pale alternately. Erythema on the right side burning, itching and chapped; desquamates days later. Lips dry, red, cracked and bleeding, but the lower, worse in open air and talking.
Twitching in the face.
9 Red, with thirst, then white in the middle or entire, dry, bright taste. Dry mouth with dysphagia. Saliva green. Tonsillitis.
10 - () Grand appetite acid regurgitation, nausea and vomiting. Pressure in epigastrium. Can not bear tight clothing. Tearing, swelling and throbbing in my stomach. Lancinating gastralgias contractions, with anxiety and dyspnea. Hiccups.
11 - () Pain in right iliac fossa, extended to the English, with tingling painful to the foot and big toe. Lancinating pains and cramps in the hypogastric and English, from right to left, and swelling, tension and pressure down the amount of pain precordial region, with a distended belly, better passing flatus or belching. Violent cutting pains from the right hip region to the belly, stomach and hypogastric, excoriating pain with nausea and right upper quadrant, worse from pressure, with bowel sounds, flatus and stabbing pains in the epigastrium. Belly tense, painful. Gurgling loud in the ileocecal region. Peritiflitis.
12 Evacuation difficult. Stool hard, expelled, with effort, followed by anal burning. Tenesmus or prickling and lancinating pains in the rectum. Loose stools preceded by colic.
13 Itching and burning in urethra, frequent urination. Jerking voluptuous in the navicular fossa. Urine lemon yellow with red sediment.
14 - () Great sexual excitement. Nocturnal erections without pollutions. Erceciones painful sitting. Pressure on the testitulos.
15 The voice hoarse and rough. Dry cough in paroxysms. Frequent deep breathing and chest tightness, as if he could get enough air, better walking. Painful contractions in the lower thorax.
16 lancinating pain and precordial punctures. Violent beating sitting with tachycardia and irregular pulse or very weak.
17 - () Cracking in the cervical vertebrae when moving head. Twitching, clumsiness and neck stiffness. Aching and beaten on the back, going down to the sacrum. Back stiffness. Pressure on dorsal vertebrae.
Lancinating pain in the shoulder blades, extended the right shoulder and down to the sacrum, worse sitting upright, with dyspnea. Hot on the back.
18 - () Cracking joints. Special force and flexibility in the limbs even after walking a lot or have a bad night. Painful weariness in the limbs or soreness as if beaten. Shoulder pain with cracks. Cold and tingling in his right elbow. Painful sensation of tight band on his left forearm. Objects fall from her hands, the movements are fast. When you close your hands, feels swollen and stretched skin.
Contraction and stiffness in the fingers of his right hand. Fingering sleeping, white, cold. Tremor. Burning heat in the fingertips. Unsteady gait, difficulty walking, with stiffness from thigh to foot. Shrinkage and weakness in his right leg, the tibia with punctures and tearing pains in the ankle. Dolores alternating in both big toes. Painful stiffness in the left thigh. Heaviness in the lower limbs, with pains as from blows to the hip joints.
Paralytic weakness. Stiff joints, contracted. Contusive pains in thighs and lower back, with great weariness in the morning on rising, with rheumatic pains in the legs. Violent lancinating pain and swelling in his left big toe. Itching on the right foot.
19 - () yawning and drowsiness. You wake up with difficulty or startled.
Very vivid erotic dreams.
20 - () Chills back, spread his arms, cold in the back and spine, cold hands and a cyanotic, cold magnum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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